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old watcher ending choice?

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My character is a good person, and she chose to free Maerwald's soul.  The player was tempted to go for Option 3, but the character managed to prevail. :grin:


I love the way that games like this bring you face-to-face with yourself and make you think about what you value.  For me, there's no sword or pair of gloves that's as valuable as doing the right thing by Maerwald's tortured soul ... though it was a harder choice than I wish it had been. :blush:



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My character is a noble from Aedyran who was exiled due to his magical experiments. While I was tempted to let the poor guy free or even give him a chance at being the man he once was by binding him to his castle I feel the third option aligned best with my character.

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Well I am quite tempted to choose option number 3.

Yet I feel my character should go with second one.


Corylea, ditto. This is how it should be done. I just hope it will be like this to the end.

No meaningless RGB space magic.

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