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  1. I bought this game (whole package/season pass) back in the summer on an Ipad 2. It worked OK, occasionally crashing. Didn't play for about 2 months, now watned to get back into it. I can't even get my 2 save games to load without a CTD. So I thought I'd just play it on my daughters new Ipad Air 2 she got for school. I downloaded the app, but cannot seem to be able to log in as myself. How can I log in as myself, so the game recognizes that I paid for the game and has my saves? Thanks for the help. I'm hoping to get a new Ipad for Christmas or early birthday, but don't
  2. Where are the shod in faith boots? What spell level is bewildering spectacle? Thanks for the help slapstick, and love the avatar.
  3. Thanks for the tip mad. i ll try that. I definitely have to get better at using spells and in the correct order. They were more a luxury on hard, but an absolute must so far on PoTD.
  4. NO raven, I am trying to do this without too much cheese. Seems to break the "realism" for me. I am at the bottom of the stairs and set a fireball trap on the steps, and unload everyhitng i have on them, I just cannot keep my Paladin and Chanter up long enough to let the spell casters do their damage.
  5. That was supposed to say Aloth, dang auto correct. Should I just go back and forget him for now until I can get better hear and maybe level up in defiance bay? My OCD kicks in and I really hate leaving him alive when I am so close. But there may not be anything for it but to wait. I salute all you guys who solo this as I can barely survive with a full party!
  6. First playhtough on hard was not too bad, had a few difficulties with some baddies, but my party felt really strong with PC cipher, eder, hired fighter, durance, hiravious (sp?), and kana. Wanted to try PoTD and also some new classes, so I went with PC paladin, kana, hired ranger w/bear, durance, aloth, and Hiravious. I know some guys =can solo PoTD, so I figured I should be able to survive, but not having a fighter is hard. I have slogged through most of stuff west of Cead Nua, (even completing Mearwald quest to get the druid.) But the final fight at raedric's hold sent me int
  7. In order to not have to start another thread on this, I am going to just jump in here. 2nd playhtrough I want to use some classes I did not use on my first hard level playthrough. Line 1: Kana and PC Paladin Line 2: Hired Ranger w/Bear, Durance LIne 3: ALoth and Hirvacias (sp?) I know there is no fighter tank, but again that is so I can try out new classes. Is this party to squishy for POTD? I could swap Eder for Kana, but I really like chanters. I also don't care about building the perfect min/max party either, just want to have fun playing the game and trying new skills,
  8. The little orlan druid can be hard to get to early. That is the last guy other than Grieving Mother you get, I think.
  9. Also, my custom BARB is so squishy it dies so easily. I want to go duel wield so i pumped DEX, but don't have a lot of RES or PER. his deflection is weak. But if I give him heavy armor to offset that weakness, his recovery rate is crap, which seems somewhat counter intuitive for a DW build. Am I playing the BARB wrong? Also, should I only use fast weapons on a duel wield? Or one average and one fast? I set INT at 17 for the BARB, is that wise, or a waste considering his abilities?
  10. Idiot that I am, never thought about pulling those sporelings to the entrance That should help. The last character I am going to use is the Druid, but he wont show up for a while, maybe I will get Kana to hold his place for a while. I figure once I get come extra levels I will do better, and I want a challenge, but wow, this is going to be a LONG game
  11. EDer sword and board custom Barb DW me Chanter 2H Durance Aloth we are level 3 and getting creamed!! Im trying to finish the potion quest for the lady in Gilded Vale, spores are nuking me, Cant seem to win against 7-8 wolves at Crossroads. Where to go for XP? I know it's hardest level, but I am struggling to figure out who to beat to get XP. IM using spells, potions, scrolls, everything I have and aloth and the bard are just too squishy right now to last. Cant even get my chant to three and summon shade to help with numbers. THanks for any tips.
  12. yeah, Im doing a similar thing with my Barb. Trying to go with duel wield, but is that smart with a Barb? I gave him high DEX. Do his skills/talents work well with a DW? Eder is my sword and board guy and I am a two hander chanter.
  13. When is 1.05 coming out? Don't they still have 1.04 to make? What is coming in each of those?
  14. Almost done whit 1st playthorugh, and already thinking of going for another. I worry, though, about an expansion (which I will buy day 1) and if that will cause issues with my game, Should I wait until the expansion comes out, or should i be able to work it into my save game?
  15. I'm currently playing with a druid but not Aloth in my first playthorugh, although I did use him a little at first. It seems that the WIZ is limited by 4 spells per level whereas the Druid is not. Why? Doesn't that make the WIZ a lot weaker tactically than a druid, who has his whole spell "book" open to him? I'm missing something obviously, so I look to you smart people to correct my ignorance! Also, what weapons would I use with my WIZ and Priest? Arbalests? Wands? I guess I don't have a real good handle on ranged weapons and their strengths/weaknesses. ‚ÄčOn
  16. Yeah, had the same issue with another amulet that gave same stuff, can't remember the name. I am at 23 INT, but don't ever regenerate focus. Kind of screws up the Cipher PC , though. You would have thought someone would have run into this issue in the beta, but i guess not. Timetable on a fix?
  17. Yeah, got the same problem from amulet of unconquerable. My INT is sky high, but no focus regain. Surprised someone from Obsidian hasn't chimed in yet on this thread. Just a quick "we know and are working on it" would be nice. Should I just leave the thing on now, or take it off and sell it?
  18. So I upgraded my dungeon. Found eorn in catacombs and put him in dungeon. I now have the option to realease him, or have the jailer flog him. Talking to him gets no where. What is the point of having him? OR any other prisoners for that matter? Thanks. Also, just got a message that a Dunry Psion had arrived looking for employment. where would i find him in the stronghold?
  19. After defeating maerwald, i am offered 3 choices as to what to do with his soul. What are the outcomes? any particularly good or bad choices? Not sure how they wil play out game-wise. Thanks for the help!
  20. I bought a stilleto with jolting touch under spell striking. The spell is supposed to shock my emeny and other around him. not sure I've seen the effect when fighting, so thus my question. How often will this take place? Everytime I hit? 10% chance?
  21. Ahhh...thanks. I need to keep a better track of my fatigue. that was it indeed. thanks fo rhte help!
  22. I just got out of first ruins and leveled up as a cipher. went through skills and talents, but when i got back to game screen, i still had 30 endurance. Aren't i supposed to increase endurance each level?
  23. THe pig is cute, but what does guans edge do? searched the whole pillars of eternity forum, and nothing. I feel like the village idiot who is the only one who doesnt know. So please, elighten this idiot. Edit: Nevermind, i am the village idiot. figured it out. this thread can be deleted.
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