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This has nothing to do with the bug reported here, but I don't wanna make a new thread, so... please, someone tell me how you killed that godawful paladin of a Lord. :-/ The game has been pleasantly challenging for me up to this point (even though I snuck my way through the castle, mostly), but this particular fight is impossible - my entire party is down by the time I take out the supports, and I've barely made a dent in the paladins' armors.


Is my level too low, perhaps? I have a four-man party, all at level 4. What level/party size are you supposed to have when you go in there? :-/


I had a 5 man party, with a ranged Cipher PC.


Basically, beating him the ''normal'' way (by walking among his goons and engaging via dialog options) isn't really possible at level 4. You will get mobbed and torn to pieces in a hurry. I set up traps and trap spells (Durance the priest has some, did you get him?) at the stair in front of the throne room, got my two tanks in front, 3 ranged in the back, and attacked the archer from sneak to dispatch it right away. The fight was still hard as hell, and a chaotic mess. I basically won thanks to Aloth, who cast two Rolling Flame spells into the enemy priests and mages, enabling my PC to kill them. At the end, it ended with Edér tanking the lord and his paladins while Aloth slowly chipped away at their health with his crossbow. Definitely the hardest fight in the game so far. You might want to grab the 5th or even 6th companions and come back.


It is a rather jarring difficulty jump from the rest of the place. I went in by the dungeons, which mostly had easily killed level 1-3 skeletons. Then the game smacks you with this **** and his posee.


I beat him with a lvl 4 monk, lvl 3 paladin, and lvl 3 chanter on hard. It wasn't too bad. Initiated convo with paladin closest to boss so he could tank. Used the +45 max endurance potion once the fight started and then picked off the clothies with my monk and chanter first.


Edit: My pally tank has Fine Plate armor, defensive talents and stats, and the DR aura giving him 17 DR, 63 Deflect, 47 fort, 65 reflex, and 43 will. She has 79 endurance without food buffs. Without a fully tank-build pally I doubt I would have lived through the fight.

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Well i'm not sure what kind of party you have. But go in, with one character lets say the tank or a pet, start conversation. Pause the moment you are done. Start running back so that you create a small choke point and if you have a wizard throw a CC on the stairs. If you dont have any CC. Then gather the characters up and start buffing with any kind of armor buff while throwing heals (priest). Remember that if you have a wizard you can throw aoe "past" allies aslong as the allies stand within the yellow area. This will allow you to deal a lot of aoe damage on the enemy.


Remember to use any kind of knock down abilities that your fighter might have.

If you have characters with charm use that ability also.



Anyway a few pointers:

AOE: Yellow = hits enemies only, Red hits everyone (note that some spells ignore both)

Armor buffs are great and should be up at all times

Use crowd control

Use choke points

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In conclusion, "totally possible" in this thread actually means "totally possible if you build your entire party SPECIFICALLY for such an occasion, and if you play in any other way, you're screwed". :D

Nope, it's totaly possible on normal. I sent Edér forward while the rest of my party staid behind, set up a trap and I put focus on the wizard and priest. The most annoying things are the healers, so after the wizard is down, take care of them. It is difficult, but not impossible. Use your priest to buff your people and hex the enemies.


You should also consider upgrading your equipment too. It's a matter of strategy and how must damage you can sustain.

If it doesn't kill you, it just missed its target.

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"Totally possible" means the party is pretty much the default one you start with (apart from I hadn't found a priest so I spent 250 to get a level 1 of my own). I figured I could level her anyway :) I always build parties in a fairly similar way in game like this, so I started off with:


1 x tank - someone who can soak up the hits. Full plate, a shield, deflection items, the works. Usually hits like a pansy, but I gave Eder a 2h sword for his second weapon slot (Eder)

1 x healer - someone how can help the poor tank when needed! (hired a level 1 priest from the inn)

2 x magic users - a little damage goes a long way! (my PC and the wizard)


Its then a case of targeting enemies. Anyone wearing cloth goes down first - healers especially so, then any spellcaster.


As mentioned, crowd control and choke points are also key to a tough battle.


Stick to that and you'll be fine to do it on normal at level 3, just like the rest of us!

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I finally killed Lord of barren land on Hard.


I placed my party in the doorway.

Then my paladin initiated the fight with a shot in the face of one of Lord's minions, then she ran like crazy back to her comrades :) 

One tank (fighter) and two ranger's pets were blocking the doorway, while the rest of my party were shooting from behind. I had a ranger with arbalest, another ranger with bow, a rogue with arquebus and a paladin with pistol.  

One very important thing (and it was already mentioned here) is to kill priests and mages as soon as possible. With my party it was comparatively easy.

No spells or traps were used. Although my fighter had to drink all healing potions that he got.

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In conclusion, "totally possible" in this thread actually means "totally possible if you build your entire party SPECIFICALLY for such an occasion, and if you play in any other way, you're screwed". :D

My party is far from optimal. I have tank, offtank, and buffer. My tank has my only heal and my offtank does my main dps.


One thing I wish the game did have was an indicator of enemy level. It would be nice to know if fights were extremely difficult because my build isn't working anymore or if I simply need a higher level.

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I'm having the same problem. Killed the Animancer, freed the prisoner, suggested that Kolsc should take over, and then I snuck down with my robes, through the scriptorium. Then I did either 

1) Talked to Raedric immediately, without finding his wife's body. If the Watcher died during the fight, he would not respawn upon finishing. My chanter's chants would remain at 3 (or whatever) and if he'd summoned Skeletons, they wouldn't despawn. Basically, a semi-combat state.


2) Found body first, then talked to Raedric. Same as above from then on.


3) Found body, told Raedric I'd kill Kolsc, then changed my mind.


4) Same as 3, excpet not finding the body first.


Each time I fought on the platform, no cheesing. It was on Easy difficulty too (I know, I suck).


Oh BTW, I took the vines up the castle, THEN went down to the sewers to kill the Animancer.

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After getting stuck in this quest, i solved it by loading an older safegame and repeating the fight with Raedric. Btw. the first repeat was successfull...


I entered the throne room through the chapel, went to the dais and killed Raedric. After the fight i picked up all the loot (in no hurry) and left the dais in a direct line toward the double doors.


I dont know if this will help someone, but repeating the fight seems to solve the problem sometimes.

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After playing from a few saves, I think I figured out the problem. The quest doesn't seem to continue if you've entered the thrown room through the front double door entrance. This door needs to be closed in order for Kolsc to enter the throne room and start the cut scene. If you sided with Nedmar, use the key he gives you to open the locked door in the room with all the scrolls. If you sided with Osyra, she will open a door for you to get to the throne room.

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