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  1. I'm playing with 1 paladin and 3 wizards... Lol. I'm gonna upload some pictures when I get level 8. But seriously... the game is not so hard, even on PotD. You can take who ever you want in your group if you understand mechanics. The only mandatory thing is a tank. There must be at least one super-tanky character.
  2. That was the only thing I could find for my kinda-evil nature godlike male paladin. The resolution sucks, but I'm not a perfectionist, and at least I can now roleplay.
  3. Obsidian should change this joke into one, that will ridicule Social Justice Warriors. SWJs love when some piece of content can be falsely interpreted as hatefull towards minorities. It gives them power to censor and to police. But they can't do nothing when THEY are the object of a joke because SWJs are not a minority group, they are totalitarian ideology.
  4. I finally killed Lord of barren land on Hard. I placed my party in the doorway. Then my paladin initiated the fight with a shot in the face of one of Lord's minions, then she ran like crazy back to her comrades One tank (fighter) and two ranger's pets were blocking the doorway, while the rest of my party were shooting from behind. I had a ranger with arbalest, another ranger with bow, a rogue with arquebus and a paladin with pistol. One very important thing (and it was already mentioned here) is to kill priests and mages as soon as possible. With my party it was comparatively easy.
  5. 1. Type in Google something like «human fighter portrait» or whatever your class is. 2. Find over 9000 pictures. 3. Download chosen pictures. 4. Edit it. You must end up with two portraits. Big one is 210 x 330 pixels, its name must end in «_lg» Smaller one is 76 x 96 pixels, its name must end in «_sm» Example: malehum_lg, malehum_sm 5. Save them as PNG files into portrait directory of your game. If you bought the game on steam it should be: \Steam\SteamApps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player\male That's how I made a portrait for my blond dwar
  6. It feels a bit weird when people speak about racism in fantasy genre. It is my understanding that "racism" is the type of prejudice that's always out of line with reality, but in fantasy fiction reality is different, usually. There is only one intelligent species on Earth - humans. So all racist things happen between one species, and so all of it is bullcrap. But there can be dozens of various intelligent creatures in any fantasy world. Undying "magical" elves, demons, fey, trolls, gods, demigods, undead et cetera. And these creatures can be dramatically different. Is it racist for a w
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