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I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands?

I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class.

I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!

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It... *shouldn't* be that hard to mod, really, but the BBv480 had some issues with loading assets, so it could be a problem.

It's hard to tell before the game has been released, I don't think the Companion files were included in the Backer Beta.

I've actually been thinking about doing exactly what you propose, before I even start playing the game, changing Edér into a Rogue, although my intent is to actually keep him as a tanky kind of rogue with sword'n'board. It should be doable, but I can't until I have the game, the first patch, and the IE Mod by Bester, and there's no guarantee that'll happen right away on launch, and then on the 1st of April I'll be gone for a week, so don't depend on me doing it.

But it should be doable.

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^This. I...kinda value my time really high. I want to customize my party completely, but I also wanna get all the companion plot. If you could pull this off, I would be your bestest friend forever.


And on a *sincerely* unrelated note--read your sig, sorry to hear you're up **** creek. I backed Numenera too, and threw an extra copy in my pledges just because I was looking for things to give them money for. If you didn't already back it (and assuming you don't expect to be able to afford it), I'd be happy to gift you it (Again, COMPLETELY REGARDLESS of whether or not I am your "bestest friend forever" as per the above paragraph)

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