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Non-PC Paladin's reputation and behaviour effects

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Thats a good question. Do things like this affects the NPCs in our group...

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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There is a party reputation as well, no idea if it affect Faith&Conviction though.


Also, Priest have something similar as Paladin in regard to this.

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Azarhal, Chanter and Keeper of Truth of the Obsidian Order of Eternity.

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I can confirm that reputations do not matter to Adventure Hall Paladins, they are always at the base of 5/10s. I am inclined to think that party reputation will not impact Pallegina's Faith and Conviction.

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