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Dyrford music - now with orchestra

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are you sure this is the music from the beta? To me the first song up until just after first 2 minutes sounds like the same one they released several months ago with this same background pictures. Although, I guess if it is, that's a great mock up of the original. Some of it really does sound new, some sounds the same. I wonder if Justin tried to blend the two on top of each other like Jeremy Soule does with his music where he'll use real instruments on top of the virtual ones to sweeten the sound?

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This is music freshly captured from the beta by myself.


It could be that part of the synth recordings are kept and blended with the orchestra. There are changes in the arrangement as well, some things were added.


There have been some additions to the main theme since the last backer beta as well but I can't be buggered to upload the new version of it.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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Very nice music, but very boring to listen to it outside the game tongue.png


It's great for reading, studying or work though. Well, depends on the subject of reading/studying/work of course. 



Orchestra makes everything better, it is known.

It is known!


Did someone say... It is known again? Lemme post another picture of Roxanne McKee grin.gif 





I wanted to drop in just to say, Justin, the more I listen of it, the more I find that the music is exceptional. I was playing today and that's what I thought - "this is Baldur's Gate II-level of epic".

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A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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