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[435] Change of text alignment in the loading screen



(BBv435 linux)

There is an issue with text adjustment to the box in the the loading screen.

When the loading starts, it looks like this:



And after a few seconds it adjusts to the right formatting:


[How to reproduce]
The issue doesn't occur often. The highest probability for me to make it happen:
1) Change a font size to the higher (eg. 130%);
2) Start a new game;
3a) Observe it on the loading screen after the character creation;
3b) If not happened return to the point 2) and try again.

It looks like there is a change of alignment from center (doesn't fit the box) to justified...
Probably connected to the font resize problems?

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This was an issue for all platforms (and only for the load screen starting from the main menu). This has since been fixed on our side.

Are you sure you fixed that completely?

Please take a look at the screenshot I haven taken of the most recent version. In my case it did not adjust to the right formatting.

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