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  1. Roby Atadero's post in How do I fix my Savegame file? takes 30+sec to load/save was marked as the answer   
    The upcoming patch will have some transition and saving optimizations that should hopefully reduce the amount of time those take by around 20%.

    We also have a few additional transition optimizations we're currently investigating that would hopefully go in the following patch after that assuming those work out well.
  2. Roby Atadero's post in Beta Patch 2.0 - Aufra is missing was marked as the answer   
    This has been fixed and will be addressed in the soon upcoming patch. Deleting the .fog file for that scene is a usable work around in the meantime if you want to mess with the save game file.
    This will not affect achievements.
  3. Roby Atadero's post in No longer able to change screen resolution was marked as the answer   
    Just to note, we aren't actively restricting what resolutions are shown. Unity only gives two options to handle how the Mac builds are made using fullscreen. One options disables all external monitors and treats the main game screen as just pure pixels. This mode was causing lots of crashes on various Macs. Thus, we had to ditch it as it is some inherit Unity issue we can't control.
    The other mode simply just asks the OS what resolutions are available and treats it like a normal OS monitor. However, with the way Macs handle their retina stuff the OS says the top resolution of the screen is only 1440x900 in your guy's cases (since that is what the OS is treating it as as they do some pixel doubling magic in the background for their high resolution stuff). Again, we don't control what values we get back from the OS as valid options as the Mac's abstract this away. Thus, you are seeing just the subset of actual options your monitor is capable of. This is obviously not ideal but, when having to choose between a mode that crashes people's game and one that doesn't, we went with the one that doesn't.
    This mode is built into Unity's executable so there isn't a way to toggle it on or off during runtime with some checkbox (like "Use high resolution options"). Otherwise we would.
  4. Roby Atadero's post in [1.05] Unable to respec new companions was marked as the answer   
    The option in English is called "Auto Level Companions" in the Difficulty tab. If you want companions to start at level 1, that option needs to be unchecked.
  5. Roby Atadero's post in Ending any quest results in an infinite exp-gain loop was marked as the answer   
    The endless xp bug should be fixed in 1.04 (including the beta patch). 1.04 official should be out within the next week.
  6. Roby Atadero's post in Chanter Rime and Frost traps get saved, causing mobileobjects.save to grow out of control was marked as the answer   
    So, this will be fixed in the patch coming out (should be this week). Player traps that have been destroyed will no longer save their destroyed state in the save data. Also, we wrote a cleanup function that will remove any destroyed player traps from your save game when you first load it so you won't need to run any external save file cleaner.
    On our test, Depili's MobileObjects file went from 44MB to 4.5MB so it should reduce a lot of the bloat you are getting from player traps.
    There won't be any other save file reduction going into this patch but we'll keep investigating anything that looks like it shouldn't be there. If anyone notices anything that seems odd, let us know and we can look to get that cleaned out in the following patch.
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