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[333] "Trap Triggered!" message popups do not dissapear/fade away



[Description of the issue]

When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object.

These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

1) Enter scout mode

2) Approach hidden object.

3) Recieve message spam.


This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden stash skelleton at the cave entrance.

Suprisingly, I also triggered a single message when being attacked by a Widowmaker spider though this one was "Trap Triggered!" instead of "Trap Detected!".








The message popup while fighting the spider:









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Hello Fiebras,


Thank you for your posting. We are aware of this issue and our programmers are working on a fix. I will link this issue to the known issues list so everyone can see when it is resolved.


Thank you for your support!  :thumbsup:

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