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Loot is the big reward in PoE, not xp, but be bold and grab it early!

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Another interesting read in that long and lovely interview that PCWorld did with Adam and Josh in NOv 2013:



They discuss the reward system and the quest system, amongst other things, and here is a noteworthy excerpt:

"So there’s an optimal path—like Fallout: New Vegas, don’t head North right away.

JS: Yeah, to make things clear we are going to have stuff, like, “Hey, this looks like a really horrible cave.” Maybe you don’t go in there, or you’re super cool, you’re a really cool dude, and you go in there and you win and you get a special prize. We’re not going to scale that stuff, and we’re specifically going to put stuff near the crit-path that is potentially enticing and really dangerous with some warning so that you as a player will poke your head in and go, “Maaaaaybe.” We want people to see that stuff and be tempted by it and play the risk-reward game and feel proud if they make their way through it.

Or feel wise for waiting.

Do the rewards for those areas scale to level?

JS: No.

So if you go in early, you’ll get great loot. But if you go in later and slaughter everything, you’ll get a dumb reward you don’t need anyway?

JS: Yeah.

AB: For example, Od Nua—the Endless Paths of Od Nua is a fifteen level dungeon, it’s enormous. What we’re doing with that is as you go down into the dungeon, each dungeon level outpaces how fast you could level by going through it, so you basically have to be really good to get through it all in one run or you have to exit the dungeon, go do some other things, and then come back.

Is there a way to teleport out?

JS: There’s ways."


This is interesting, so if you challenge yourself and pick those horrible non-optimal path caves pretty early on, you'll get useful loot, but if you are level 8 or 10 or 12 doing them, not so much.

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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More or less, yes. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but thanks to Josh knack for language and me knowing quite a bit about place names, you can deduct the location just by having the PoE map in front of you. Also, I know where it is in relation to the beta. :)

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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After reading the Fallout comic and getting Chance's Knife early on in my recent playthrough of New Vegas, I felt enormously satisfied to survive the Cazador's and such, glad this is not scaled. I must admit that Victor was my saviour on that little scouting trip however.

Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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Maybe they can make a loot item called "combat." Then, you could collect it, and turn it in to someone for an XP reward.

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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