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Should helmits have a bonus vs crits?


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:geek:  I don't like helmets being worthless, The way helmets are now i just sell them or take them off so i can see my characters face. Having helmets have a bonus vs crits well give players a small choice at the begging of the game. Well you spend your small amount of gold on a helmet for your character or well you save it for something else? like food or to rest? Now i understand their are magic helmets in the game but their rare and wont be found tell way later on in the game.  Icewind dale 2 had the same problem.


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Don't personally think bonus vs crits would work in this system - a +5 Deflection would do about the same thing though.


Either way, unenchanted helmets shouldn't be worthless. That's just silly.


If there is going to be an armor bonus for non-magic helmets then shouldn't there be a penalty for reduced vision and head turning as well...;)

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A small deflection bonus sounds about right.

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I actually think they should remain as they are. Magical helmets should give bonuses, but since mundane ones aren't interesting, I'd rather they remain a cosmetic decision.


That, or Obsidian should give them an invisibility switch, as per Divinity:OS. "Make helmets invisible," is an almost ubiquitous mod in fantasy CRPGs at this point, and it's that way for a reason.

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I'm currently checking enchanting and the BB Fighter's helmet can't be enchanted.


Which means we can't make our own enchanted helmet. I personally think they should allow at least +skill increase on helmet, would make them a bit more useful beside decoration.

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I think helmets could be changed so that they give +1 - +2 DT and -1 - -5 to accuracy. Which gives them role that isn't fully cosmetic but don't make them too overpowered.

That could even be a range. Simple little helmet? Just +1 to DT (Or a minor Deflection bonus... whichever). Full, face-covering helmet? Significantly higher defense bonus (+5 or so), but now a -2 or -3 penalty to Accuracy. I dunno exactly how this plays out in real life with helmets, but you could even do an increased penalty specifically to ranged accuracy. I would think melee accuracy would be less of a problem, since it's harder to see a little pinpoint target you're trying to hit from 30 yards than it is to see where a body is from 2 feet away. *shrug*

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