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[301] Allow us to stack traps and where is the "Use Item" button


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I know this was likely done for balance purposes as stacked traps can probably become OP but I really think traps should be stackable, at least up to 3 traps in a stack.


Also, currently it is impossible to use an item unless it is first placed in the quickbar. I should also be able to "use item" while in the inventory page by right clicking the item and finding a "use item" button in the description if it is usable. Concerned about top of stash "use item" during combat? Just grey out the "use item" button in locations where we cannot do so.

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You could always mod it in. :shifty: Jokes aside, you are right, it was done for balance purposes. If I remember correctly, there is a post somewhere where they discussed the "degenerative" gameplay within BG regarding potential trap usage.


Don't really care either way on the first part but I tend to lean towards more freedom so why not!


Fully agree with the second portion.

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Arent traps bugget atm so you cant really place them?

I was wondering this myself. Loaded up all the BB Rogue's traps into her quick items. Clicked one, clicked the ground and...nothing.  Is that what the Known Issue: "Placed traps don't work as intended" is referring to?

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