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from what i have seen up to now is that PoE will be a IWD/BG/PS:T wrapped in a upgraded engine - wordplay on the infinity engine included (eternity=infinity)!


what about world interaction?


will there be anything else but clicking containers/doors or the occasional item or story relevant thing lying on the ground?


chop down trees? kick in doors? blast doors with fireballs? blast buildings? catch butterflys?  - you kind of get where im going i think


if not - whats keeping you from doing that?





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Well for one that they're working with pre-rendered backgrounds.


More importantly though. Its just not the focus of the game. PoE is not trying to be Ultima after all.



Other than that there will be some world interaction, but mostly through dialouges or/and Darklands Style CYOA sequences.

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And not having enough resources is not a bad thing. I mean, if it's not in the design doc, it's most likely not going to be in the game. The bigger the system, the less chance it will be added in after the fact. World interaction at the level you are talking of is pretty big. 


It's the same as the "why isn't there multiplayer in the game?" argument. They did not design it with that in mind. If they had, they would have properly allocated time and money in the schedule and budget for multiplayer. 


At the end of the day, a video game is just a product like any other product, constrained by a variety of factors.

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