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Played some more of The Golf Club today.  I played a user made 9-hole course.  It was pretty well designed except for a couple of holes.  The most glaring was a par 4 with the most ridiculously inaccessible green.  It's one thing to make a postage stamp sized green.  It's another to put a big ol' bunker covering 75% of the front of said green and another bunker behind it.  It's then even another thing altogether to put  said green on a par 4 that has no right calling itself a par 4 seeing as even if you hit a perfect drive with favorable conditions you're still going to have to hit a 3 wood from there just to be able to reach the green in 2.  Despite this, I still managed to par the hole due to a spectacular chip from the rough next to the green.  I had a masterful 2 under round going until I melted down on the par 5 6th.  I sliced my drive into the deep rough.  Rather than take my medicine and chip it back onto the fairaway, I opted for foolish heroics and tried to muscle it toward the hole.  Predictably, this put me in more deep rough.  Long story short, I walked away with a double bogey on a hole where a birdie is basically a par.  After that my rhythm was shot and I unraveled further, finishing 3 over par.  Just like in real life golf, **** can go sideways real quick.

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I wonder if there is beer on the sun

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