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How do I get to the farm?

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I tried getting behind that truck before and it wouldn't work maybe i was just doing it wrong or something. I'll try again.

I figured you had to go through the forest because when I was exploring the forest earlier I stumbled upon the farm but couldn't remember how to get there.

Thanks for the reply though.

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Yeah you can go behind that truck but it does look like it is blocking you, and you kinda have to jam around it a little. Also do a dragon shout fart on any of the pack of rats on the edges of town to get into the woods and just keep going south from there and you wind up at the farm. 

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You don't have to go into the forest to get into the farm.   At the U-Store just keep going right past the homeless man and go behind the truck and at the end of the truck head up before the rats blocking entrance to  the forest.  There's a visible pathway going up there.

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