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  1. You don't have to go into the forest to get into the farm. At the U-Store just keep going right past the homeless man and go behind the truck and at the end of the truck head up before the rats blocking entrance to the forest. There's a visible pathway going up there.
  2. I have the PC version of this game and I don't seem to have any problems using the Nagasaki if I'm facing a wall or an item that has the cracks with the green glow. I just select the nagasaki with they E key then press F while facing the thing I want to use the fart on. Perhaps you have to just readjust where your'e standing by just a little bit.
  3. I have this game for the PC and my screen says to press the F key to use a fart with a melee or ranged weapon. Usually it says out of mana even when it still does the attack.
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