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  1. My big thing is replayability, and I don't think 60 bucks is worth a game that you'll play for 3-4 days max and then maybe play it again in a couple of months just because, but doesn't have any reason that you say "Hey, I feel like playing this right now" after you've beaten it
  2. eh, I'm torn on this, I absolutely love South Park, but I think that's why I'm iffy on whether it was worth the money or not, I wanted a more in depth game where you really felt like you became the fifth, and the ending is definitely anti-climatic and a bit of a buzzkill. If you're not rushing to get it and you haven't gotten it yet I'd say wait to see if it drops at all
  3. I did both of those, I don't think it changes much
  4. damn, that sucks, it would have been cool to be able to do things with the girls. That's the one thing I'm disappointed in with this game, I'd like it to be more free form, where you can do more thing and have more of a South Park fourth grader experience
  5. Is the relationship status on your Facebook just for appearance or can you have your guy actually go out with one of the girls?
  6. So I got through Terrance and Phillip's tutorial no problem, but now when I try to do it in the cave it's completely different and I can't seem to get it. Can anyone help me with this?
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