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  1. Hey I am all for this Also I'll find a time to get back into armor on stream. Sadly it broke while I was trying to put it on and I need to make some basic repairs. But fear not, the armor will be back!
  2. Don't worry guys we hear you and are working on it. Unfortunately these things take time so I just ask that you please be patient.
  3. Just switching your buddy in general should fix this issue, it doesn't have to be in battle. You can swap back to your original buddy after you've switched him out once.
  4. A lot of these infinite load issues can be fixed by swapping out your buddy and swapping him back. Try loading up your latest save, swapping buddies back and forth and then fight the final boss. Hopefully that'll fix it.
  5. Don't worry as soon as there is an update for you guys on this issue I'll post it. For now you'll just have to be patient.
  6. All I can tell you is that we are working on it, unfortunately I don't have an eta for a fix though. Sorry guys.
  7. We're looking into the issue. One more question, did you start the game and then patch it or did you get the patch before starting the game?
  8. The Earl of Winnipeg doesn't even have that line, are you sure that's exactly what he's saying? It'll help me track down the problem if I know the line he's using.
  9. If you are in the lost forest and want to find the farm just go south.
  10. What can I say, it's interesting to see peoples reaction to the news.
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