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  1. Damn him and his dire robes. Same with me, finished the hunting quest, went back and it's still bugged. Got to play for about 25 more minutes though, so that was cool.
  2. It looks like he was talking about making Dire Robes possible. Here's a link of others having the same problem: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/651581-south-park-the-stick-of-truth/68725264
  3. He says something like "If I had dire bear pelts I could make a (some type of clothing I think). You know what a dire bear is right?" I can't remember in detail and I'm at work. I can look again when I get home. And so you are sure who I'm talking about, it's the guy in winnipeg, in the building all the way to the north, by himself behind his desk. There are a group of people outside the building to the east around a dead body, bear to the north east that is inaccessable (blocked by mountie).
  4. I've read other places that it seems the problem happens if you go talk to the Mounties near the dead guy with the bear, before you talk to the Duke of Winnipeg. Other people with this problem also did that, like me, and are now having the same problem. Reinstall with and without patch upgrades did not fix it.
  5. There seems to be a bug in the "O Canada" quest. I went through all the way to the part where after you talk to the Prince you have to go talk to the duke of Winnipeg. After going there he just keeps saying "if I had a dire bear pelt..." And no cut scene happens. I've seen on walk throughs that at this point he should continue the quest to go kill the dire bear that is blocked off but he doesn't. I've tried walking over but the bear is still blocked off. Going back and talking to the prince just has him say that I still haven't talked to the duke and to get out of there. I've gone through the cave and the other towns but the cutscene still won't happen when I go back to the duke. I've tried loading old saves, leaving the zone, swapping allies after and before loading, dying, taking the Timmy fast travel. I've also created a new game and quit, loaded the old save and still nothing. I'm using the PS3 digital download version with the patch. Just deleted the game and I'm downloading it again to see if that does anything. Anyone else run I to this or know a fix?
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