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  1. Don't expect much from DLC. Matt and Trey are huge gamers (which is why they wanted to create a proper SP game), and know what gamers on the whole like/dislike (as evident in this game's mocking all the game cliches out there). In the very same Q&A session where they said their original script for the game was too long and needed to be cut down significantly, when asked if that meant DLC, one of them (I want to say Matt) said "F*** that!" (referring to cutting content in order to sell it as DLC later on) and then they went on to say the cut content would most likely end up in the show in some form, rather than DLC. If anything comes from DLC, it'd likely be costume/weapons packs, and that'd be it. Before Ubisoft aquired the game, preorder bonuses were announced which were ultimately changed, and have little to no appearance in the game as it is now (completing my second playthru last night, the only thing I've seen was the Mysterion outfit in Kenny's closet and Professor Chaos' board of trying to figure out who Mysterion is (although the latter wouldn't have been a part of the costume pack Xbox users were to get)). Also, remember that unlike most games out there, Matt and Trey play a HUGE role in this game (playing the same roles they do in the show), which is a large factor for why it took so long for the game to come out. As such, story DLC would take a minimum of one year (if we're lucky), and would be subject to all the delays the main game was, for the exact same reasoning (Matt and Trey's control over everything, their only working on the game as a side project between seasons of the show, etc.).
  2. At the U-Stor-It lot, there's the hobo store. Go behind the truck on the street, and there will be a trail that heads north, which leads to the farm.
  3. Someone clearly doesn't know how Matt and Trey work. They will continually tweak things until deadlines say they cannot. That's how they do the show, and clearly that's how they came into this (they have even said so, and how it doesn't work as well with games). What really needs to happen is Ubisoft or Obsidian needs to give them a hard deadline, and say that that's when the game needs to be finished, and then it will get "finished." Otherwise Matt and Trey will always want to tweak/add stuff, just as they do with the show.
  4. So.... I take it the Good Time with Weapons and Mysterion Superhero pre-order bonus packs are no more?
  5. It's legit. The only question is is it still valid. Those were the bonuses mentioned when pre-orders were opened up before THQ went under. But since Ubisoft is now publishing the game, who knows? That info use to be on the game's website, but after Ubisoft updated it with their logo and whatnot, no bonuses are mentioned. But going back to the OP, the Better with Kinect bit is still on the site/box art, so there's no reason to believe it's been removed.
  6. That's just what I was thinking! xD I hope it comes out this holiday season though, not the one after. =( Wishful thinking, I know, but I'm hoping "some holiday season" like July 4th.
  7. Seeing as in last year's E3 trailer, it clearly shows many girls when cycling thru the images during the "Starring you" segment, I'd say that it's a safe bet that you can be one. Especially if Kenny can be!
  8. I figure I might as well throw my theory out there, if it helps. Now, this is strictly my thoughts and not based on anything concrete/rumors or anything. But I personally am not expecting a release before June. Specifically, I believe Ubisoft is holding off releasing any info so that they can announce/promote the game themselves at E3 (June 11-13). That would also fit along a purely logical timeline. If the game was nearly finished anyway, Ubisoft acquired the rights two months ago. Transferring those rights and settling all the legal issues with South Park Studios would take some time -- let's say a month. They then need to go thru the game to see what they have, and see if there is anything they want added/changed -- let's give that a couple weeks. That'd put us at the beginning of March. Give this month and next to implementing those changes, bug fixes and submitting for certification. Then the month of May is spent waiting for certification and maybe working on creating future DLC (which we know is going to be coming). Go Gold end of May/beginning of June, then 2-3 weeks for actually creating the game discs, packaging and shipping, and you're at E3, ready to release. Maybe they need more time than that in certain areas, and maybe they need less, but that's how I'm seeing this going. Either way though, I'm thinking no later than July, as after that, Splinter Cell comes out in August (another Ubisoft game), and GTA V in September.
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