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  1. You have to turn the lights at the bottom of the stage to turn to reveal his shadow and then hit the lights
  2. I found the video here of the sound track, the comments sections has a better discussion of what he is actually saying.
  3. Sorry wish I could have been more helpful but a google search just returned with this is a more common issue than I thought but not a whole lot of solutions.
  4. I'm sure you have but have you moved the difficulty slider in the options menue
  5. It did feel a little short but havn't tried going back yet to play as the three other classes and make different decisions like not killing the bishop or signing up with the elves and not the huumans
  6. There are several parts of the game that I wanted to go back to because I realized I missed something or wanted to manipulate the enviroment better to avoid fights but never could
  7. I would definitely say it was worth it because I am a huge fan of the show and I think that is the critical factor. If you arn't a fan or never really watched it it is just a funny, polished RPG that is a little short. If you are a fan it is so rewarding and you are constantly gawking at all the refrences it makes. I summed up how I felt (although I tended to go on a little to long) about how I felt at the end of the lets play I did. Here is the link to the exact reaction just don't click earlier to see the ending: Start at 16:49 I hope that helps! $60 is a lot though.
  8. Yeah you can go behind that truck but it does look like it is blocking you, and you kinda have to jam around it a little. Also do a dragon shout fart on any of the pack of rats on the edges of town to get into the woods and just keep going south from there and you wind up at the farm.
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