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  1. With mobile platforms becoming more popular, possibly. However, you have to consider that a lot of mobile platforms don't use the DirectX setup and would require reprogramming pretty much everything. In it's current state, no. However, Microsoft has said they will be focusing more on bringing DirectX to tablets and mobile devices with DX12. This could accelerate the mobile technology world and increase the chances of the game being ported to mobile.
  2. There's a light switch on the right, turn off the lights. Turn the lights, you should see his shadow. Go behind the podium and you should see the action to talk.
  3. It has something to do with the symbols in the game, most likely the swastikas. It was ready to be released, but someone found some symbols that still needed to be removed. It should be a fairly quick fix, but it just means they have to rebuild the game and redistribute the new build. Which may take a couple weeks. March of 2014 is all they have have said.
  4. It's a good possibility, when THQ sold out there was a lot of lost time. Just a lot of variables to take into account, it seems like the game is solid now though. Ubisoft is a good publisher and so far reviews have been good. Don't know about sales, but it appears to be doing well.
  5. With your character, just don't click on attack. However, with party members I think they will attack regardless of whether you click them or not. You could always swap party members, which uses up a turn. Otherwise there is no official "pass".
  6. So with my achievement grinding it got me thinking... Enemies scale with your level in The Stick of Truth, I noticed this when battling different monsters on two different level characters. There are certain key points in the story. How would you feel if they added a chapter selection option? You could go back and play your favorite parts or get your missing Chinpokomon, etc. by selecting the chapter you want to play with your character that's completed the game. More importantly... Is this something Obsidian would consider doing?
  7. People post videos all over YouTube of the Stick of Truth, it's encouraged. Feel free to post your adventures from the Stick of Truth on YouTube or Twitch!
  8. Yeah, I can tell you that none of that is in the game currently except Possibly for future DLCs.
  9. The only thing that's been said is it will still be sometime in March. No exact date has been planned, keeping checking back on Steam and such.
  10. Facebook appearance, I'm almost finished with my second playthrough and there's never an opportunity to get into a relationship. Perhaps future content will make it so.
  11. You can unlock the 30FPS in your user.ini by setting vsync to -1 (default 1), but there's horrible tearing in the game. vsync is just kind of to keep everything in place here. I do notice a huge difference in the smoothness of running around town and the blurriness when running with vsync disabled, but I can't do with the tearing.
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