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  1. Thanks for the reply! I wound up going to a save i made right before talking to cartman and kyle which would trigger me starting the first "girls" mission. Went back to that save, turned the defibrilator to Al Gore, then started up the girls mission... then left my system on and went out for a few hours. The mission triggered at some point while i was away. So i was able to complete everything. Again, thank you for the reply... at least i know i am not crazy (for this).
  2. So i am on my second playthrough and on my first playthrough i was able to trigger the "unfriend al gore" quest. This time however... he keeps texting me... way way more than 7 times... i waited waited... went back to him... hit him. he said ow... talked to him and he said he would contact me on his internet with mbp sightings. but the unfriend al gore quest has not triggered. he just keeps sending me texts... has this happened to anyone else? I have since beaten the game, am on post game... no active quests.. just keep getting al gore texts (sorry this is a ramble...) i need both his and mbp's weapon to get my all weapons and equipment achivement for xbox. is this a known glitch?
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