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  1. Could we STOP this? It's a SINGLE PLAYER GAME folks, you want it harder? Self-impose penalties on yourself then if you want a challenge stop trying to make everything balanced! Go through nude with no points in Might or Constitution with a solo run on PotD with ToI, THERE have fun with your challenge. Jeez, stop asking for nerfs on a single player game. +5 Accuracy is not too strong, and is useless in a solo game since enemies will close the distance after the first volley. Only class it would benefit is a Ranger in that case and as it stands, Animal Companions are weak and squishy.
  2. Okay I gotta ask how you did this? Is it possible you could write a guide? Or at least a general walkthrough of what you did, what you fought, what skills/talents you took when because I cannot even attempt PotD/ToI/Expert with a solo run as of yet, it's harrowing as hell for me.
  3. Actually, on Normal the bear in there is level 5, check the Bestiary. Even then, come back at level 5 and watch your Pet still get wrecked.
  4. Ok. Range Rogue: 50% from Sneak attack, if flanked or conditions so in party that is not a problem. 1xPer encounter Blind strike (Sneak Attack) + 0.25 damage 2x Per Encounter Cripliing Strike (Sneak Attack) + 0.25 damage Dirty Fighting plus Vicious Fighting = 20% Hits convert to Critics. Witherin Strke- target Weakened 1x plus 0.25 Deep Wounds- DOT, weaker than Ranger one, ok, but it is still here. Backstab wtih Blunderbus anyone? Finishing Blow and Devastating blow for low Endurance bosses, Accuracy and great damage bonus. Also Escape for fast run behind tank or Shadowing Beyond for positioning and fight reset. In party I would take Rogue for range sniper. Accuracy is not that big issue if you take Wood Elf plus Marksman. Ranger just do not cut for me as ultimate range DPS. He has some nice skills, yes, but not enough to be "Ranger" imo. And I would take ranger anytime if his pets would not suck and be better to choose from. Wish I could have Crystal Spider as pet.... I am ALL for a Honey Badger pet. But yeah just chiming in, Pets need their own level up page basically, that would alleviate splitting between either making an effective Ranger(with a squishy, nearly defenseless pet) OR a mediocre ranged damage dealer AND a mediocre tank. Also, boost their defenses and stats and give their damage types variety. Seriously far as I can tell they all do Piercing damage, at least give them all Piercing/Slashing(Best) damage types. DR boost means nothing in the long run since even then at least 20% of the damage goes through(and super attackers that do 50+ damage in a single attack will flatten it anyway). Most of the Rangers abilities rely on the Pet attacking the same target that they are. Which if they're dead, doesn't work out so well PLUS when the pet gets knocked out(and it will usually unless you have more than 1 frontliner) they take substantial penalties.
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