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  1. Yes I'm on Windows 7 and I verified everything. I have all the latest drivers and I'm sure it's not on my part . Please, is there no way we can send you our DirectX Diagnose or sometthing? I want to play but it's impossible at the moment.
  2. It's not on your part most probably as I have similar issues besides the lagging. I'm waiting for Obsidian to speak out on this.
  3. The game is very laggy overall. Choppy scenes, lagged √°udio. Sometimes with cutscenes see the cutscene with no audio and then it just freezes at the cutscene. Sometimes game gets stuck on loading screens and takes forever although it gives me the option of hitting Esc key and see the menu... What I noticed is sometimes by continuing the game and immediately exiting to menu again and reload makes it a little better but I actually would hope Obsidian would have any news on this since again I am sure 99% that it isn't on my side. Plus I haven't seen a game in ages with no graphic options, so it might have something to do with that. Maybe my card isn't even recognized correctly. Basically seems I'm playing the game in a severely underpowered rig. I will try that. Does anyone know what can we tamper with on both engine and config .inis? Cause I tried enabling DX11 and it was enough for the game to not launch anymore.
  4. Yes, everything is updated. Weirdly my config and engine files have lots of things set to false even Directx 11. I'm using a Logitech G930 as speakers. I really have no clue what it might be, I have never had such an issue with any otehr game :W
  5. I've been noticing and the hard drive is always working heavily. I tried to check with several other games and it just doesn't happen. This is really REALLY weird.....
  6. Hello, Night the game released I played for about one hour and didn't notice any particular lag. After the patch it's impossible to play, I can't time blocks, the game takes forever to switch screens, open inventory, combat, etc. Basically it's unplayable. I tried searching here but I haven't seen anything related. I'm 100% sure it isn't on my side, since I have a GTX 480 , a top of the line processor and an SSD. Is this a known issue? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks
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