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  1. Some buttonpresses are just that difficult. I already brought this issue up in another thread. Hopefully that issue get fixed fast. I finally managed to do it right after the second update. It's ridicolous how much more difficult the second buttonpress test is compared to the first one, they need to adjust that.
  2. So I noticed that in some of the button mashing scenes I simply can't fill up the meter in time. I first noticed it when trying out the toilet but it became a huge issue when I got to the alien probing scene. On the first probing I spam S and fill up the bar in no time (like 4 button clicks or so), but on the second probing no matter how much I spam the key I can't seem to get further than 10% of the bar. I'm spamming the button as much as I can, but I simply can't finish this particular scene, and now I'm stuck having to watch my character get continuesly probed analy. This is not a joke, I seriously need help here. Anyone have any clue what might be causing this? I'm using mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Red) if that could cause any problems. Update: I tried using a generic non mechanical keyboard and it didn't help. I cant seem to get further than about 60% of the bar. My fingers are super sore from buttonmashing for about 30minutes now.
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