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Typically, you won't get any reliable numbers until the publisher declares a milestone passed, e.g. a million, and even then it can be unclear. I expevt it will sell quite well, though.

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Mmmm ill go ahead and let u know u most likely wont get concrete numbers because of the pc sales on steam. Steam doesnt release their numbers to anyone except the company who produced it. Found this out on bethsoft forums because for awhile people believed pc sales were lower than ps3 sales and xbox the majority because the numbers people found was with retail copies. It wasnt until recently bethsoft basically hinted heavily that pc sales were the most because they stated that pc sales were alot morethan they ever believed, so much so that they were talking about making their next game made on pc then ported to consoles unlike they did for skyrim when they made it for xbox and ported it yo the others.


I will say that the game is freaking awesome and basically delivers on being a rpg AND captures the south park feel cometely. Obsidian and trey and matt did a most awesome job on this game and i really hope the sales make this a huge sucess.

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We probably won't get accurate numbers until the next Ubisoft earnings call, which is months from now.  Unless sales are ridiculously high (GTA,CoD level).


We'll get NPD next month but that is only retail Xbox/PS3 sales in North America, so its very limited.  It won't include PC or even digital PS3/Xbox sales.

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