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  1. And of course they're going to hold onto it with the intention to never use it ever again. These cocwombles should be crucified just for giving AP fans false hopes.
  2. Choosing to not purchase the game on a platform can be perfectly rational. For some people, for example, the benefits of Steam as a platform outweigh the value of the game and since Steam is still full of games, there is absolutely no need to leave the platform to have fun. Exclusivity is the core cause of this, so obviously it can't be just a case of rationalisation.
  3. I for one do appreciate colourful language as well as the fact that so much of PE2 is voiced - and that English (as in England) accents aren't too rare, unlike in PE1. Feels much more relatable to me, haha. Of course, there can be too much of everything, but PE manages to throw in fancy words regularly without coming across as pretentious. And I'm clearly not eloquent enough to consider that flowery language as my own! Edit: Turns out the narrator has a pretty good voice for a sidekick.
  4. Who's to say that in Eora, magical prowess doesn't increase your physical strength? That's what a mate of mine said last time I had a debate about this anyway. The idea that the more you can hit someone with spells, the more buff you are sounds a bit silly (the fact that this is a fantasy world notwithstanding). I don't know why they didn't tie it to some other statistic or make a completely separate one. Or at least attempt to explain it in lore.
  5. I'm not American, so I haven't really got a clue. If I had to guess, I'd say west coast or somewhere up north. I can't even put my finger on why it's unpleasant (for me). It sounds nasal I suppose.
  6. As a joke, perhaps. Otherwise it's a rather weak straw man. I don't care if it's a woman or a man doing the narration. The current narrator sounds to me like an inexperienced squeaky character, not some sort of an "old adventurer" type I'd expect to do the job. It's a girl, not a woman (regardless of the actor's age). Plus she's really melodramatic (maybe not her fault), reads too slowly as so many pointed out, and as far as I'm concerned, she's got an unpleasant accent. That's just me though. And before you ask, I think someone like Kate Mulgrew would make an excellent narrator.
  7. Not very convenient, is it? There's the mute button, too. But both of these "solutions" result in loss of ambient sound and any other voiced lines in the narration. I'm not expecting they will add the possibility to disable the narrator, I'm just here to express my discontent with the choice of the narrator.
  8. No, I find her voice quite annoying and not fitting the setting, or the role to begin with. It's like a teenage sister reading a story to me. Yes, I've just started playing the game.
  9. Oh great, two of my favourite RPG developers get nicked by an unscrupulous megacorporation. What a day. So I expect Micorosft is going to afflict their corporate culture on Obsidian and InXile. They're a company that has proven time and time again that it doesn't understand or even try to understand the products they allegedly develop, be it games, phones, consoles, or anything else.. It's just business, everything is purely profit-driven. Does anyone seriously believe their promises about letting Obsidian develop games their way? I'm quite sure that no game that's not already in the pipeline will be left unaffected by the bean counter monkeys from Microsoft, not to mention Microsoft has a solid history of broken promises. Also, you're not a bloody "partner" in this, you're a subsidiary. Claiming that you're partners is a massive deception and despite what we've heard in the past few years, I thought you were better than this. But since you apparently aren't, I suppose you won't mind the inevitable assimilation into Microsoft's machinery within 5 or so years. Oh, I'm totally looking forward to Kinect Pillars Volleyball, which Obsidian is going to develop, because they will have more freedom as a subsidiary, of course. Because that makes sense. I don't shy away from chugging out unreasonable amounts of money for companies/games I believe in, but don't expect me to drop a single penny into Microsoft's ecosystem, i.e. their idiotic Live store or whatever they decided to call it this week. Honestly I'm more surprised InXile went along with this as well. Oh well, so the hope for big RPGs rests with only with Larian and CD Projekt now I think.
  10. I don't understand why they used a controller for the stream. Are console ports even on the table? I heard this was just to make it easier to look at since mouse movements can be twitchy. I think it was quite clearly visible that the bloke doing the demo is not a gamepad player.
  11. EVE is basically RL-like errands: The Game. Squadron 42 is the purely single player campaign (unless they add some co-op nonsense anyway). FS3 would be absolutely great. If there was someone with the ability to make it while keeping true to the spirit of the series. At least we've got Blue Planet and Diaspora now.
  12. That doesn't sound very likely to me. While there must be a few people in MS who actually like Obsidian's produce, the bean counters just see the profit and how to make it more profitable (supported by MS's marketing department). And I don't think Larian is making significantly more profit than Obsidian, if at all.
  13. Other than this (another random source) which refers to the forum posts, not really.
  14. So what's up with that? I'm hoping it's just a piece of gossip and that it stays that way...
  15. I'm just glad the package didn't get lost on the way somehow. The little things that make people happy these days, eh?
  16. Nice. What is that based on?
  17. Oops, almost forgot about this... I am pretty sure that no, it was not the case, unless you're talking about player characters. I definitely was not talking about those and thus I'm going to ignore everyone else who accuses me of ignorance, because the player party has historically always been male/female and it didn't matter. I was, quite obviously, talking about NPCs, and groups of NPCs. I'd say it is fair. He is complaining about possible activism in a game while actively trying to push his own view of what the fantasy game should like like on the creators. Those who criticize should be open to criticism, which is what I see happening here. I wouldn't say it has gotten ugly. His post was well written and I'd say the responses were fairly measured. Now "trying to push" is a bit of an overstatement. Originally I just gave feedback on a disruptive part of an otherwise great experience. Too many women in armies are inauthentic, not very believable, well, unrealistic. Okay. A prison filled with only men clashes with authenticity, is also unrealistic. Very interesting what you find authentic and believable, what you believe. Is that sarcasm? And it would be a good point about the prison, if the barrier was covering only a prison. Still, I should totally replay it :D
  18. Well, that was quick. Firstly, nowhere did I say or even imply that I was offended by this whole thing. Secondly, highlighted "composition of armies" in bold specifically for people like you, who would accuse me of complaining about mixed society. And lastly, yes, I was slightly bothered (not offended, not triggered, or anything like that) by almost entirely male population in Gothic 1, because just like in Tyranny, it clashed with authenticity. Although if I remember correctly, that was a technical mater. I suspect the Kyros thing is something else as well, but it's just one thing with another, it adds up. Again, if it wasn't for the unbelievable number of women-soldiers as the initiator of my suspicions, I probably wouldn't think much of it (from this respect anyway). What? Look, mate, if you have a point, be so kind and make it.
  19. I've just finished Tyranny and I have to admit that this "equality" trend of yours is getting a bit distracting. AP and DS3 were great in this. They had a diverse, but believable character cast. PE started to be a bit on the "diversity for the sake of diversity" edge, but Tyranny just felt like an advertisement for equality. Did you set some internal quotas or something? What that achieved for me wast that, for example, a concept I would normally accept without any second thoughts whatsoever (I mean the apparently matriarchal Beasts) just comes off as another activist addition. But it really comes down to the composition of armies on Terratus. I really wonder what is the male/female ratio of the conscripts and of the (sub)group leaders. I'm not going to say it's unrealistic, because this is a fantasy world, but it's inauthentic, not very believable, it ruins the verisimilitude. It also leaves the bitter taste of activism. I presume that was also the point of Kyros' "gender mystery"... I know, artistic vision and all that, but these things could be a little more balanced (as ironic as that sounds). This way it can pointlessly detract the experience for people who actually pay attention to the world and the characters. It's nowhere near to stop me from enjoying the game, but know that having players think "ugh, here we go again" throughout the game for something so pointless is does not add to the experience a lot.
  20. Hello, Obsidian and fandom. I would be very interested in Obsidian's (but also any other developer's) input into this current quite popular topic of grey marketplaces, such as G2A, Kinguin, et al. And while we are at it, "pre-owned" games selling (GameStop, etc.) is also a subject of interest. When it comes to these two (separate) matters, does Obsidian condone them, approve of them, hate them, not care about them? Maybe some direct experience? And what about the fans?
  21. So I was going through Dyrford ruins and after talking to Wymund, all the cultists stopped attacking me on sight, even talked to me. So I left the party behind and started exploring on my own, save, return next day, load the game, and what do I find out but? I'm standing in a room with three hostile casters and an archer. Me, a fragile wizard, tired from almost falling into an abyss from a rope. The game doesn't even pause after it loads. Now I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an easily solvable situation, maybe I didn't get good enough, and I couldn't run away as I was instantly slowed down, but it took me about 7 tries to clean the room before I succeeded - only because summons are so good at getting attention of enemies. And now I can't really get back to my party as I had to use most of the heavy-hitting spells on that little encounter and I can't buff up prior to combat, initiate combat from stealth with a summon, place more than one trap, my party is too far to hear (not that they'd get there faster than the bloody Skaen's goons). I WILL DIE HERE.
  22. Well, more precisely, I'm interested in how does the coop work when you have no companions or want to play a character the host hasn't met yet.
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