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Sheathe the swords.

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I have a quite simple feature request: I want to be able to sheathe my weapons. It´s kinda ridiculous always to run around with sword in hand, the inability to sheath my weapons in the IE games bothered me. Be et just some automatic animation or a player executed function.. it would be nice to have the weapons be drawn before battle and sheathed after it ends.

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I did like this feature in Divine Divinity, it was a nice little touch of detail, however I would say that I don't particularly need a scabbard or sheath. If the weapon were placed on the belt or backpack when the character is in a relaxed situation that would be more than enough for me. That said I would like to be able to draw weapons at any time not just in combat, as I wish to be ready for ambushes and surprises, and venturing into a dungeon without weapons hefted and readied seems unwise.


Edit: That said if this feature is not allready in the game then it would most likely be too much work to implement at this late stage I assume, unless it is less complex than I anticipate.

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I distinctly remember seeing sheathed weapons in one of the gameplay videos, so one hopes the feature is in.

For myself, I'd be half satisfied with weapons just disappearing in non-combat situations if doing the sheathing animations is too bothersome.


Bothers me surprisingly much to play a game where characters bumble about in a shop, waving flaming halberds and what not.

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It leaves me rather cold if in or not, but if they have some spare time left on the animators part, I suppose it could be a nice little touch.

(in cities or otherwise 'friendly' areas, I agree in hostile areas weapons should be ready 24/7)




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I don't think that's too much to ask for, and it does create a great deal of verisimilitude.


Really? I hear this kind of stuff way too much here on the forums.


Take a second and think about how many differnet weapon types PoE has.

Now many of those weapons need unique sheathing/unsheathing animations since you can't just put a halberd on your side. Then add an extra animation if you use a shield or another offhand weapon.

When this is done another programmer can now makes sure no clipping occurs if your character has a weapon sheathed while wearing a cape or some fancy hat.

Which also leads us to the problem how an Orlan whould sheathe some of the larger sized weapons.

This all is also just assuming that weapons just magically hovering at the side/on the back of your characters is fine, but if each one has to be put into some kind of scabbard/sling then things get really complicated.


Sounds like a lot of work for something that is essentially eye candy. But who knows? Maybe Obsidian thinks its worth the time.

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I love sheathed weapons. One thing I wanted in Dark Souls was the ability to sheathe your weapon but instead your always carrying your weapon out. Definitely adds some realism into the game. Just wanna wonder through a city in PoE? Stroll through a village? It would seem weird for you to have your weapons out and talking to NPCs and such. 


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That said I would like to be able to draw weapons at any time not just in combat, as I wish to be ready for ambushes and surprises, and venturing into a dungeon without weapons hefted and readied seems unwise.

Agreed. And I'd very much like to see the act of sheathing/drawing weapons, as well as the current state of your weapons, actually affect things as significant actions/gestures at times, rather than simply being a "you automatically draw your weapons whenever you're definitely going to fight something, and sheathe them/keep them sheathed whenever you're definitely not going to fight anything, and the two different states are just for visual consistency."


Especially with the scripted interactions being so prevalent. I'd love to have the option of drawing weapons and sheathing them actually be choices to be made in situations. Maybe even dropping your weapons. If you end up having to fight, then your characters are inconvenienced by having to pick up their weapons before engaging foes. Or, maybe you move around before the situation escalates to combat, so your weapons remain 20 feet away where you dropped them, etc.


THAT being said, I also hope the whole guards-regarding-you-as-hostile-if-you-have-your-weapons-out thing is less binary than "If you've got your weapons unsheathed, the guards instantly attack you, and/or do so after 5 seconds or something." I think you should be able to explain yourself, and, at times (depending on circumstances and the guards themselves) have the guards/authorities agree that there is reason to have your weapons drawn, and/or to trust you to use them wisely (this could even be heavily influenced by reputation).


I've always hated it when you DO have manual sheathing options in the game, but you have to fight against certain primitive aggro mechanics. For example, maybe you get ambushed, so, the dialogue interface goes away and you "enter combat," but you unsheathe your weapons, and the code tells the guards that you drew your weapons .3 seconds before a threat was actually registered (before the ambusher/assassin was actually regarded as a hostile combatant to justify the weapon drawing), and now the guards hate you WHILE you're self-defending against a random combatant.

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