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What you've been drinking lately.

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When I'm actually willing to spend a decent amount for anything, port would be my choice. Of course, when you drink it in extra large tumblers, it's not like you can feel genteel while quaffing it.

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Fionavar's Holliday Wishes to all members of our online community:  Happy Holidays


Join the revelry at the Obsidian Plays channel:
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Remembering tarna, Phosphor, Metadigital, and Visceris.  Drink mead heartily in the halls of Valhalla, my friends!

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Two for two from Lagunitas Brewing. Their IPA is much friendlier than Stone's, for me, and the Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale is good to go. 


Lagunitas claims to be from Petaluma, California, Sonoma County, which I understand is Bay Area wine territory. Where the beer flows like wine, and the women flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano. 

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All Stop. On Screen.

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Hard cider and an amaretto sour while blues dancing to live music. Bar blues dancing is evidently the best type of blues dancing and our little group is going to keep going every week until the music stops!

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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