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Do you like the idea of destroy the environment?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the idea of destroy the environment?

    • Yeah! Could be more funny and realistic! I wanna see how the trees or the houses burn with my Fireball!
    • No way! The important thing is the story not the effects!
    • I really don't care.

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real time destruction is, if not impossible, very hard to implement in any way in this game. however there is no reason for which after you leave an area, to find it completelly different when you return (just one extra map that loads instead of the other if some condition is met). you leave a vilage to the mercy of a demon, you come back the next day and you find burned ruins. you go into a building and have a huge magical fight, you come out of the building and you see flames coming out of the windows and roof (it just takes a decal, added by script when you complete the quest in that building).

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What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


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It'd be fun, and yeah there's certain pleasure in seeing things go boom.

Probably not worth the effort to implement though.


But what really annoys me, is when I have a vorpal warhammer of ultimate boom, giants strength and can summon huge earth elementals at will.

And then I come across a shack I can't get into because the door is locked. And it can't be lockpicked because "you need a key".

Or there's this fence and I'll just have to go round.


These don't really need destructable terrain to be solved though, but rather better game design.

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I voted yes however I think it should be kept within reason.

Or I will have an alternative game with a group of manics who go around obliterating villages just to make the land a smoking pile. Setting fires just to watch the world burn.

None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. 

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Barrels and even some stuff like wardrums and towers in IWD2 probably were handled like monsters (they even had circles around them) and two sprite sets - "alive" and "destructed". As they are making characters in 3D in PE (?), I'm sure it's possible to create some sort of destructable objects, like containers, doors and maybe even parts of walls which are not pre-rendered?

Yeah, Kegs and Keg corpses. Probably the best we can hope for. That and alternative backgrounds for major changes (like the d'Arnise keep in BG2 if you get it as a restored stronghold). The only few games I've seen with proper destructible environments have been "tile based", where individual tiles on the map were easy to replace with their ruined counterparts. No large, pretty backgrounds, it was all about the mechanics.

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Really doesn't seem necessary, a needless complication. I mean if the combat required the use of cover, then the destruction of said cover would be an added strategic choice (X-Com), but simply having the environment be destructible for the sake of it? I can't say I see the point.

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