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  1. I sugest some movements to the characters while they are stoped. Maybe look to the sides like in BG, move the hands, scracth the noose XD or dont go with the sword in the hands. I know is sth useless but could be cool
  2. Ey! I was thinking that obiusly the most important thing in the game is the story, the characters, the lore, how works the mechanics in the combats... But what do u think about the "effects" to create a better atmosphere? For example, with a Fireball that explotes in one room the normal thing is that the furniture is burning after the explosion. Or if u destroy one box (or a door) with the sword cause u cant unlock it the normal thing is see how the box is destroyed. Is true that is not the important thing but could be interesting. When i watched the Gameplays of Diablo 3 for example, or o
  3. Hello friends, my first post here and i hope that is a "new topic/discussion". I hope u enjoy the poll.
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