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I know it is really early to talk about this aspect of the game, but I've been playing some of the older games and I wish that some of these shortcut keys were a little bit more logical and made playing real-time easier, not harder. One example is the quickcast in Baldur's Gate 2. It was not a logical approach, and I really doubt most people would use keyboard shortcuts for quick-cast.


Anyway, I'll talk more about this when we have some engine mechanics fleshed out, but I really wish that the shortcut keys would be implemented in a way that allows for "RTS-like" play. Like I said, I can't give a good implementation of this right now, but when I see more of the mechanics, I think I can give a better layout.


Also, please allow us to utilize Shift+click, Alt+click, and ctrl+click.

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My blog is where I'm keeping a record of all of my suggestions and bug mentions.

http://hormalakh.blogspot.com/  UPDATED 9/26/2014

My DXdiag:


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Autohotkey is a good alternative when games don't allow you to define your favorite setting. Since I have one of those modern MF2 keyboards with cursor and number blocks, I prefer to use those for movement instead of WASD, most games are still designed for the IBM AT, though, and don't allow remapping of the numblock, this is where Autohotkey comes in.


Rant aside, yes of course I'd prefer that a game allows me to completely remap all keys, but If it doesn't I won't even try to adapt and fumble with unfamiliar key setups.

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"You are going to have to learn to think before you act, but never to regret your decisions, right or wrong. Otherwise, you will slowly begin to not make decisions at all."

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