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Adam's Playthrough of Icewind Dale 2 for those who missed it

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Really hope someone does this for the Chris Avellone Arcanum play-through, as well. I'd like to see how he reacts to various parts of the game and the like, but sitting down and watching someone play live for hours and hours sounds pretty boring.


am actually feeling some sympathy for chrisA 'cause playing arcanum "sounds pretty boring." tim cain is at obsidian, so am doubting we would get unvarnished reactions from chrisA regarding arcanum, but am suspecting that watching chrisA suffer would be marginally more entertaining than playing.


HA! Good Fun!

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Step one. Decide you've had quite enough of this "sleeping" nonsense.


Step 2. Buy a 38 pack of some nasty/cheap beer (unless you're rich)


Step 3. Buy some snacks that are enjoyable


Step 4. Watch Adam's iwd 2 playthrough start to finish (maybe add the D&D game if I'm still conscious).


This shall be done.

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Already did that :D (All the way to 5.30AM)


Well, not the D&D (since that *started* at about 5 or 6AM...) so it would be nice if that was hosted.

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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