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So is the player stronghold part of the Endless Paths? This way they can essentially knock two birds with one stone.

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I don't think it should be part of the Endless paths. It would take too much to allure party members to the stronghold. I have played a computer game that did have a stronghold nearby a purportedly dangerous region and the game took this into account, but there were problems with NPC romancing eachother and not moving away from the spots where they talk woo to one another. Silly stuff. I've never seen it published. However, the romancing NPC were not the problem. The problem was that the game never seemed to take into account food and fresh water, clothing, etc.


For a stronghold to survive there needs to be access to goods, through trade or through goats or something. Hamster fur might do the trick, should the woods be full of hamsters.

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