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Also missing (out of my head):

- Blesca's Labor

- March Steel Dagger

- Captain Viccolo's Anger

- Bleak Fang

- Oidreacht

- Vent Pick

- Silver Crow Axe

- The Flames of Faîr Rhîan

- Danulya

- Delem Raŵdha

- Treave's Conqueror Spear

- Sheathed in Autumn

- Lysandra's Blade

- Shame or Glory

- The Last Blade of the White Forge

- Whispers of Yenwood

- Cat's Claw

- Godansthunyr

- Strike Hard

- Jarpie's Warhammer

- The Blade of the Endless Paths

- The White Spire

- Drake's Bell

- The Hours of St. Rumbalt

- Tidefall

- Jêna's Lance

- Spectacular Spetum

- Half-Mast


Several ranged weapons are also missing.


Please bring them all back and also put in the soulbounds. I also liked it better when there was one page with all unique weapons, not seperated by melee and ranged, but I can live with that.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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So I looked at the source of the wiki page and saw that you grab the data from several sources, e.g. all unique daggers are assembled via the keywords "dagger" and the (kinda) boolean value "is_unique" from the Cargo table "Weapon_poe1".


That itself is a great concept since you only have to edit one data source and it updates all relevant wiki-sites. But the Cargo tables seem to be incomplete?


Also, adding soulbounds to the lists seems to be easy as you'd only have to add 'OR is_soulbound="yes"', right? 


I would be willing to add the missing weapons into the Cargo tables. But I don't know how to edit them, let alone find them since I never tinkered with Cargo or even MediaWiki itself (I mean other than WYSIWYG). 

Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hey guys, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've updated the template and recreated the table. Once it clears the job queue, we'll see if it updated correctly or if Cargo shat the bed again (we've updated to a fresh version after extensive debugging, so this might be the source of annoyances).


I apologize for the delayed response!

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It's better now, but I saw that some unique weapons are still missing. For example Drawn in Spring and Vent Pick.


Full list of weapon that are still missing (out of my head, sb=soulbound, su=summoned):



- War Club of the Mataru (sb)



- Drawn in Spring

- Reaping Knife (su)*



- Vent Pick



- Hanover's Fist of Dodm



- Steadfast (sb)


Great Swords:

- Firebrand (su)*



- Tall Grass

- Citzal's Spirit Lance (su)*



- Spectacular Spetum



- Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff (su)*

- Llengrath's Warding Staff (su)*


...maybe I forgot some.


*) Only if you want to include summoned weapons, too.

Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Barring summoned weapons (which should be included... Eventually ;)), the Cargo tables should be populated. In general, the system sometimes gets a hiccup and fails to populate. An empty edit suffices. If you find a weapon that's missing, consider making a null edit (hit Edit Source, then save the page without any edits) and it should populate properly. :)

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Still not complete... :(


Ha! But your "trick" works. I will null-edit a few pages then I guess. ;)


Edit: now I believe everything's in order. Tomorrow I will look up the ranged weapons.


Edit2: had a quick look - ranged weapons seem to be fine!

Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yes, that's mean.


Hm... why not write a PHP script for that?

I usually do it with AutoWikiBrowser, not much of a coder. Dammit Bors, I'm a writer, not a scripter!


I also apologize if the main page was broken for the past hour or two. I made a dumb mistake.

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All Pillars of Eternity companions (except for Grieving Mother) have special banter with other characters.


Was going to call it, but I checked and you have it there:


  • Hiravias : "Pardon me madam, I didn't see you there. My whole right side is sort of a blind spot."
  • Grieving Mother : "No need to trouble yourself."
  • Hiravias : "Well I was wondering how long you've been... oh forget it. Probably no big deal."


EDIT: OK, I get it now, these lines come from Hiravias' file.

Edited by Messier-31

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Hello All !


To get the acces to the Bounty quest about Lafda, is it neccessary to skip the quest "Regrets Worth Trading" ? On the Wiki, it's not really clear about that..and i need to correct the wiki page (making some new corrections on the wiki for news players) about this task if my supposition is correct..


Plus, I have read that the 2 quest are mutually exclusive ! Someone could confirm this ?


Thank you very much !

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The problem for me is the wiki..It's really bad documented for this quest and the bounty, it really need more clarification. i have tested the outcome of the "Regrets Worth Trading" to get the bounty and when you let lafda leave peacefully, you'll not have the bounty too.


On the other hand, i have seen a video on youtube (POE - Speed Run Rogue Ultimate Achievement) and the player didn't do "Regrets Worth Trading" and be able to do the "Bounty : Lafda"


I'm sure that the quest had to be skipped for unblock the bounty... but i need confirmations by some others players...before correct the wiki about the quest and the bounty.

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