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Epic Weapons / Armor / Items ?!

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My question is... Will there be "Epics" in the game? No I dont mean purple items that drop from monsters... No i dont me a high level quest reward. I am talking about the weapons you use and work with that unlock and become more powerful. Here are my examples.


Father dies, gives me a long sword... at level 5 I notice the ruby gem is missing... I quest to find a flawless ruby... oh my! it is enchanted with fire... Longsword +1 fire damage...


I am in the cave of the Thunder Lords of the Obsidian empire... Why is there a painting of my father?... with a sword that looks just like mine?... the sword seems to have a shimmer to it that it no longer has... Whats this... a new quest, let me find the maker of the sword...


After many long hours and zones and towns I have found him, the sword uses your "Soul" to gain in power... The more "Intact" your soul is the stronger the sword is...+5 damage max...???


We can do this all day long, but I guess this is not really a question and more of a plea... give us something to go after!!! I dont want to load and reload 100 times to kill the Necromancer Ravin Ous time and time again WAITING on his "EPIC" Dagger of ogre slaying. Yeah thats fun... but so are SUPER rediculously LONG quests and chains that take a starting weapons to be The Thundering Hammer of Pixie Making! :) Just incase you like pixies and killed them all... now you can make new ones.



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I agree (I think) that a formulaic upgrade system like Diablo (sockets) or Skyrim (soul gems) doesn't seem appropriate for the direction this game is going. I preferred the BG series where you had to find specific parts or do specific quests to unlock the potential of each artifact, e.g. finding all the bits for the flail of the ages. It would be even better if there was an element of choice in some cases e.g. you can make a magial sword powered by a trapped spirit better at killing or parrying depending on how you solve a quest to strengthen the spirit.

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