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Armour and weapon designs - a plea.

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I gave up at around page 12 to be honest, I feel that I'm on the same page with many here. I want more authentic armors preferably. Although I do have some fondness of the manga as well and want to join in on the "picture" sharing; this:


Yes I'd love that sword too, Guts (main character) swings that sword with his entire being. Or rather, he did at one point. I think that many on here would like Berserk, it's got a pretty dark fantasy theme. Some more armors/helmet/concepts:








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Yep I just want to have what I consider awesome looking armour, and while others may not like it I really do think authentic looking Medieval armour is awesome and should be used more. I know others may want 'cool' to win out but it seems like there's enough other games out there using that style and barely any using the style I like, and so the possibility of being given a bone for once has been drooling all over my keyboard. :)

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A show on viking swords offered by PBS tonight. It seemed like an appropriate thing to link, OK? 8)



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