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Where's PC demo on steam?

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They had to wait until I left for work to release the bloody demo. Now I'll have to wait some 12 hours until I get home, and then get the demo downloaded before I can play.

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First (technical) Impressions


- Really like the Graphics and Art Style. The Vistas are the best part, sadly a little hidden.

- Love the effects. Very atmospheric.

- Smooth Gameplay and Framerate

- Love the Intro cutscenes.

- Dislike Mouse/KB controls. It works somewhat well with the WASD system and is nowhere near unplayable (Have been through way worse) but its not exactly praisable at this state.

- You have to leave the game to switch controller/Mouse support. Seriously? Just give us the option in the Options Menue for Christs Sake.

- There only seems to be two of the camera perspectives in the demo of the announced three. They work well though IMO.

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Currently at 37% going at around 450KB/s, shouldn't take too long. Maybe it's time to dust off my old xbox360 USB controller (which I bought way back for Dead Space).

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I have just played a little bit and I'm in love with the Onyx engine, it's a nice suprise after playing The Witcher 2 that the game runs well on the max settings on my old Geforce 9800 card. Also I was a little bit suprised with the amount of dialogue and "lore bookshelves" (and that is probably the main reason why some H'n'S fans weren't satisfied with the demo). The gameplay is really nice, the graphics are great (at least on PC), once again :huh:BSIDIAN delivered! :)

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Played through the Montbarron estate. Looks very nice and the WASD controls are decent. My manual dexterity feels a bit challenged when changing stances or funmbling for the '1' key. Visually very nice and smooth with everything cranked up to high and ultra high in 2560x1600. Only nitpick is that on occasion it looks like my hero is "skating" (movement speed doesn't match the walk animation), although that looked like and occasional thing. Only happened for Anjali, not Lukas. Gathered a bit of loot, but didn't really get around to examine it closely. Combat was predictably easy since I'm a whimp and tried it on casual (since I'm not normally into the entire hack and slash thing).

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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Finished playing with Anjali. Some random thoughts.


- Doesn't really feel like Diablo or most of the other hack'n'slash I've played. Doesn't really feel TOO different either though.

- No multiplayer was disappointing.

- The game doesn't appear to have 16:10 support. What's with developers that have their roots on PC doing this lately? :lol:

- Control scheme is bad. Needs to be changed. It's playable with WASD, sure, but subpar.

- Story and lore are fairly boring so far, as are characters. Surprised Ziets had a hand in this. Maybe it gets better later?

- Combat is pretty easy on normal. Will crank it up to hardcore when I try it again.

- Lots and lots of loot.

- Game ran silky smooth will all cranked up to the max.

- Dialogue cutscenes are badly executed. Aside from the bad animations and static camera angle, there's been one time where my characters was facing another direction completely while talking to a NPC.

- Seems very customizable as far as characters go, choosing loot from your inventory luckily doesn't just mean picking the one that costs more.

- Shops seemed well done. I've encountered only one, but it had some pretty rare and powerful stuff.. also very expensive, though.

- Game seemed polished aside from the problems with the dialogue.

- The dialogue wheel keeps sucking. Paraphrases don't reflect well what you're going to say. Also, talking about dialogue, a good deal seems to be recycled between characters. Anjali says the exact same lines Lucas says in a lot of situations.


Overall, it seems like a decent enough game, but most of its significance just comes down to the fact that Onyx looks pretty and it's polished. Can certainly understand pissed people, I'm unsure if I'll grab it full price myself (luckily I probably won't have too, the PC version is pretty cheap in a lot of online stores).

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- Story and lore are fairly boring so far, as are characters. Surprised Ziets had a hand in this. Maybe it gets better later?


I am through with the demo


Have the complete opposite opinion on this. The whole direction is a bit different than we know from MOTB but it was very well executed, Charachters had different and unique personalities (from what little we have seen so far) and it was well written. Very intriqued how it continues. I especially enjoyed all the optional little lore stuff/jokes in the demo.


Aside from that I don't have much to add to my initial impressions. It was.... a demo. I really liked what I've seen so far though. Personally, I didn't care much about the cinematic aspect about the dialog sequences. At least the animations were better executed than NWN2 and New Vegas (which isn't exactly praise, I know :lol: )


Also the game appears to have 16:10 support from the config file. Can't test it since I'm on 16:9. Weird.

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You can select a 16:10 resolution but it's letter-boxed.


Also, I almost forgot, two more things:

- Videos seem to be badly encoded, not sure if it was because of the resolution, though.

- Didn't really mind the "linear" maps. There were enough nooks and crannies, and overall, it doesn't look like bigger/more exploration-focused maps would suit the playstyle.

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I liked the demo a lot, but I'll never get used to the dodging controls.


The fight with Vera was anti-climatic, that's what I get for playing on hardcore. :p


BTW, after playing the demo, it occurred to me how in every demo video we saw, people got Yacob's quest, but no one bothered to actually finish it. :lol:

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Just finished a playthrough of the demo using Lucas. Thought it was a bit slow-starter gameplay wise and the control-scheme feels a bit wonky initially. Think it could've been done better but I really started enjoying it a lot more towards the end of the demo when I got used to how it controlled. Like I said, could've been a bit better but I think it will work well.

I would kill for a NWN like "free-cam" though to be able to look around a bit more.


I went away impressed with the writing and story. Voiceacting could've been better, though I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that (at least for Lucas) the main character is mainly inquisitive, there is not much acting in the questions so it feels a bit stale. I think other characters were fine though.

Hard to get invested so early on, especially as it starts a lot faster story wise than other OEI games. But I had a real "damnit!" moment when the demo ended. Want to see more.


Combat feels pretty good, though a bit hard to get used to like I said before. Stances seem to be well-balanced, I found myself switching back and forth. Really like the way leveling up works, you can definitely push characters into different directions which should be good. Almost didn't use blocking at all though. Just like in Witcher 2, dodging seems a lot more appealing overall. Health pick-ups work well also. Was pretty skeptical about them but I think they found a pretty good balance of how often they drop.

A bit on the easy side when playing Normal (though I did die on the Vera fight once, had a bit of a hard time seeing just what was going on for a while) but hopefully Hardcore will feel challenging.

The linearity didn't bother me too much but I can definitely agree with the people who would've wanted some bigger areas.


Graphics wise, I really like the way it looks. It's not as directly jaw-dropping technically speaking as something like the Witcher 2, but the art direction is great. The lighting and colors make the areas extremely atmospheric, and the game ran smooth like silk with everything (I think) turned on. And I'm not running a beast of a computer. Dialogue scenes could've definitely been a bit more exciting to watch though. Also, like WUE said, the cutscenes are a bit low quality which is a shame since the artwork is pretty nice.


Surprised there is not more praise about the music, really loved what we heard in the demo. Especially the piece playing in the chapterhouse.


Pretty pleased overall, and a good demo I think. Definitely left me wanting more.

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