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Just finished a playthrough of the demo using Lucas. Thought it was a bit slow-starter gameplay wise and the control-scheme feels a bit wonky initially. Think it could've been done better but I really started enjoying it a lot more towards the end of the demo when I got used to how it controlled. Like I said, could've been a bit better but I think it will work well.

I would kill for a NWN like "free-cam" though to be able to look around a bit more.


I went away impressed with the writing and story. Voiceacting could've been better, though I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that (at least for Lucas) the main character is mainly inquisitive, there is not much acting in the questions so it feels a bit stale. I think other characters were fine though.

Hard to get invested so early on, especially as it starts a lot faster story wise than other OEI games. But I had a real "damnit!" moment when the demo ended. Want to see more.


Combat feels pretty good, though a bit hard to get used to like I said before. Stances seem to be well-balanced, I found myself switching back and forth. Really like the way leveling up works, you can definitely push characters into different directions which should be good. Almost didn't use blocking at all though. Just like in Witcher 2, dodging seems a lot more appealing overall. Health pick-ups work well also. Was pretty skeptical about them but I think they found a pretty good balance of how often they drop.

A bit on the easy side when playing Normal (though I did die on the Vera fight once, had a bit of a hard time seeing just what was going on for a while) but hopefully Hardcore will feel challenging.

The linearity didn't bother me too much but I can definitely agree with the people who would've wanted some bigger areas.


Graphics wise, I really like the way it looks. It's not as directly jaw-dropping technically speaking as something like the Witcher 2, but the art direction is great. The lighting and colors make the areas extremely atmospheric, and the game ran smooth like silk with everything (I think) turned on. And I'm not running a beast of a computer. Dialogue scenes could've definitely been a bit more exciting to watch though. Also, like WUE said, the cutscenes are a bit low quality which is a shame since the artwork is pretty nice.


Surprised there is not more praise about the music, really loved what we heard in the demo. Especially the piece playing in the chapterhouse.


Pretty pleased overall, and a good demo I think. Definitely left me wanting more.


Yeah, this is pretty much my opinion well explained. Music was really great. I'm a bit more negative on controls though. Like I said its nowhere near unplayable but I can definitly see now how the PC Games guy got annoyed with it.



Also I'm still debating if that video thing actually fits (unintentional or not). I can't describe it but it gave me some "old, withered paper" feel instead of that unnatural "cleanliness" other similiar cutscenes suffer from. Can't really describe it :lol: .

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Steam rolled around and pissed all over the place as usual, taking an hour to update itself. Downloading now.


I don't meet minimum requirements (again) so this should be interesting.

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I think the stance-switching, special abilities etc work really well as it is now (though yeah... options for customizing our keys anyone? yes please). The movement feels a bit wonky though (due to the camera on the A and D keys), as well as targeting with the mouse. It feels more clumsy than it should for an action-RPG where you're supposed to feel like you're in complete control. Had the same problem with Witcher 2 (though in different areas).


I know there were a lot of people who get pissed with the myriad of options regarding the NWN2 camera but I loved that and would've definitely wanted something more customizable for DS3.


Again though, I think it felt pretty good once I got used to it. Just not optimal. Perhaps one should try the right-mouse movement style a bit and see how that feels.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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Steam rolled around and pissed all over the place as usual, taking an hour to update itself. Downloading now.


I don't meet minimum requirements (again) so this should be interesting.

Welp, I dunno about you but I have not been able to get past the "Loading..." screen. SE and Obsidian intros play, I get to the "Loading" part and it just keeps on loading forever. Doesn't work on my laptop either (won't even run at all).


PC Specs:

OS - Win7 (x32)

CPU - AMD Sempron 3600+, 2.00GHz (I know... it's as old as my ass)

GFX Card - nVidia GeForce 9400GT


Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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I thing I noticed is that my GPU (ATI 5750) is getting pretty hot. 71 degree Celsius. That is unusual. Normally would be 60 degree. :p Besides that, Starwars described my impressions pretty well. :shifty:

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My impressions:


-graphic style is awesome. game on my old pc looks great and smooth on high.

-really like animation, effects etc.

-this is not "old ds", but game is quite good

-i need keymapping

-tutorial box must be smaller or need option to disable it

-in dialogue, this box must be smaller. the text of choice must be on top, choices must be on bottom, because in that way this look strange. dialogue must be repeatable. if i miss some text i need to see it once more. this option is important to me

-wtf with full map? i wanna see the map when my character is in any stage of game. give us full map of world and map of situation.

-i need to opening and taking things to my inventory on clicking on it. not by pressing E key. this is not a console game. im playing with mouse!


i really like game. wanna buy it, but only when some devs give me a word of game improvements after release

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