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Isn't that the first glimpse of 4 player co-op?

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OT: tweets from ex-Obsidian production intern Nathalie Gomez (F:NV DLC)


- So recently I have heard news that people are making a buzz about #DS3 because Urquhart was saying how less buggy it is... He is right.


- From what I played, #DS3's release version is defiantly going to be a lot less buggy then the release of #FNV.


- HOWEVER, the #FNV has worked really hard to fix those bugs and have some great DLC coming your way so fear not #Fallout fans. It is AWESOME!


EDIT: Justin Cherry's tweet


http://t.co/Lk7KNgE This is a game I art directed. Y'all should pick it up when it comes out!


EDIT 2: http://polygamia.pl/polygamia_forum/w,3050..._wiedziec_.html

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Multiplayer.it should show their game on their "superdiretta" at 1700 GMT+2.


Apparently the Ustream only supports 5000 people watching at the same time, so be warned.

.....Of course they had to choose that one day when I won't be at home.

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It started. They can't test co-op because they have PS3 preview code and it relies on PSN, they're confused about how it works anyway. They also say that the game is challenging even on Easy.


EDIT: Jesus Christ, the guy is using the same stance ALL THE TIME. I hate him.


EDIT 2: They said that it's less of an RPG than DS2. Rage Obsidian forums! They seem to appreciate the mechanics though "it's not banal at all".


EDIT 3: Finished. Would have preferred if the guy who was playing was the only one who talked. The other guys kept going like "uhm, not much environment interaction, it's not Oblivion or Skyrim though, is it?" which was idiotic to a degree that I can't even. PS3 version doesn't look too hot, though from a stream it's incredibly difficult (and probably pointless) to comment on framerate. There seemed to be next to no bugs, which is promising, and a good wealth of dialogues. Still, if you dislike ARPGs, this won't change your mind from what I've seen.

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Thanks WUE.


Eurogamer Preview



The storyline feels very much like the Jedi Purge, told in the style of Game of Thrones
Dungeon Siege III clearly isn't setting out to redefine its genre, but it has a finely balanced sense of its own strengths and seems to have nailed the addictive tug that all loot drop RPGs must possess. Quests unfurl into one another organically and there's always something new around the corner, offering a reason to play for another half hour, then another, and another...


Edit 1: PC Gamer Podcast Mostly negative http://www.pcgames.de/PC-Games-Podcast-The...ageddon-824606/ but they are pretty horrible. It consists 90% of whining from the others while the guy that played it tries to explain.

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Gamestars video seems to complain about the PC controls too....


Is this still the build before the polish pass? Because it gets worrying.


Same in a recent french preview. Worrying indeed :o !


Just play it with gamepad ;)

Hate the living, love the dead.

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I've played with some bad control schemes and I've always gotten used to them after a few hours. They've also never detracted from the game, ultimately, if the game was great.


Can't be worse than Gothic 1/2 or NWN2.

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Games.on.net has bad news for those of you who are looking forward to the game's story and dialogues:

The game's pre-written characters are interesting for the most part when taken on their own (although it's hard not to cringe at the absurd levels of cleavage on display) but the problem is that they are pre-written: you feel like you're simply acting out somebody else's lines. When I play Mass Effect I'm my Shepard, but here in Dungeon Siege III I'm just Reinhart, a pretty snappy wizard whose personality is... well, he's a snappy wizard. This is hardly unusual for the "action RPG" genre: Dungeon Siege as a series bears a lot of mechanical similarities to, say, Diablo, except that in Diablo you're just "the sorcerer" and everybody expects you to burst into flames rather than conversation.



The counter-argument to that is of course "isn't it better to have some RPG elements than none at all?" For my money, no: while it's true that in Diablo your characters have no personality at all, nobody expects them to and nobody complains when they don't. Here in Dungeon Siege III the personalities of the characters feel tacked-on, the conversation choices feel irrelevant, and the inter-party dynamics lack the richness of Obsidian's other efforts. In many ways Dungeon Siege III is the opposite of Obisidian's efforts in Alpha Protocol, where the mechanics and execution were sloppy, but the roleplaying elements were layered and complex. Here the shallow roleplaying ontop of a deep series of combat mechanics just feels false and unnecessary, which is in many ways worse than feeling nothing at all.


IGN Video preview


I think Squenix's goal is to ship 1 million copies, though, isn't it? So they probably are not really seeing Dungeon Siege III as a super blockbuster either. Hopefully they'll meet their goals, Obsidian will fix the camera issues before release, and everyone will be happy and a sparkle of hope will rekindle in my hardened gamer's heart.

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. Unlike in Mass Effect or Dragon Age where the responses exemplify a personality: angry, co-ooperative, understanding


... I don't think me and that gamesonnet guy are on the same page so I'll let that be my own judgment. Aside from that I have nothing against when the charachters act according to their personality/upbringing as long as you can still control the details (Which you can from what I've seen). I never expected any hardcore roleplay elements in the first place.

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Soo an action rpg with good combat mechanics and shallow roleplaying is bad thing? And I actually thought you might want to have good combat mechanics in a game that actully focuses more on the combat instead of full on roleplaying...


It's like this previewer was expecting a completely different game and is now disappointed because instead of getting another MotB he got exactly what was promised.


WUE: I think 1 million shipped/sold copies for a resurrected action rpg franchise would be considered quite good. Expecting more would be pretty stupid and setting yourself only to be disappointed.

Hate the living, love the dead.

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