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Dungeon Siege 3 at New York Comic Con

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A Polish guy named Sebastian Skuza kindly gave a summary of CD-Action's DS3 preview but it didn't have any new info.


Hi there.


In a nutshell:


A lot of text about Obsidian's facility and people plus a little of history and overall characterisation


- history takes place after the last invasion of the dark forces on Ehb. The won peace was just a calm before the storm

- game begins with the veterans of 10th Legion summoned before Montbarrons

- story was told by one of the veterans, Lucas (one of a few playable characters/professions)

- DSIII is definitely different than its predecessors; different perspective (over the top and just somewhere over the shoulder camera)

- Camera centers around the player

- keyboard plus mouse or pad navigation - both intuitive and responsive

- one click actions, you click to attack/perform action and the PC tries to execute the possible combinations. But not that automatic, it depends on timing, distance, sense of direction and mobility (tumble and evasion)

- no group, just one hero - being defeated means death, not just a break in the action

- a little more complicated figting and leveling system "under the hood". Hero is the key, potential companions are only background

- cooperation mode is said to be FANTASTIC; seamless joining and leaving the game by other players

- seamless world, no loading screens

- maybe linear but "story driven" said by creators

- dialogue a'la Mass Effect


So here you go.

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At least it's good to just hear mention of the keyboard+mouse control scheme and that he felt it was intuitive. And I guess I hope that the linearity mentioned is mainly due to the areas demoed. I don't need an open-world game but I hope there's room for exploration and all that.


Also, I kinda wonder how the coop mode will work on the PC. It's incredibly rare that I play multiplayer but it might be fun to try out in this.

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I think it sounds great! But then again.. I didn't like neither of the two earlier Dungeon Siege's and this seems very different. Good for me, but I assume not so good for Dungeon Siege fans.

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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So, here are some details from the Gamestar preview


-Mouse/Keyboard controls not implemented yet; plays very well with gamepad

-Gamestar thinks the game looks a bit dated (I disagree)

-You choose premade heroes, each with a different background

-Different endings

-Voice actors are great

-Gamestar could only play with a warrior in the preview build (3 stances: One-handed, Two-handed, Defensive)

-DS3 is not close to completion yet, GS thinks it will be released in the second half of 2011


Well, overall a very short preview, with only one new screenshot.

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I'm currently looking at the Pc Games article. 4 pages. There are 5 new pics including a new enemy type.


Write a summery soon.


Edit: Also a picture with Matt (MacLean). His beard is awesome as ever.

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-PVP modes are apperently planned

-Looks great on consoles. Even better on PC. (Better Shadows/Textures)

-The Looks give a great atmosphere

-The Dialog system isn't laid out in good vs. evil but rather in tradition vs. progressive thinking. (Which leads probably in how the new legion will be structured? My guess)

-Companions can leave you if they are unhappy. If they are happy you get boni.

-Classes are balanced to each other in their use to ensure quality teamwork in co-op.

-There is no information on how many classes.

-Talents aren't many per class but they are deeply upgradable.


-The game begins in a burning castle.

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Info on the dialogue system sounds interesting.

Pretty sure they initially said there would be no PvP.. weird.

Sad to hear about the talents, but depending on how upgradeable/customizable they are it still could be cool.


EDIT: Any chance you could describe the pictures, C2B?

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I don't think they are, to be honest. Better if you ask a moderator, but it's likely that they're going to say "no".


Argh so then: The screenshots aren't particulary good to describe, two are already in the polish mag and the last one is atop the bridge fighting spiders and humanoid enemys.

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No scans allowed.


One picture in the GS preview shows a dude with his summoned skeletons fighting a bunch of archers. It also says below the picture that you can stun enemies with your shield.


Another picture snipped shows an old white bearded dude in a red robe.


The special FX look really great, but characters seem to be too low-poly for my taste.

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Question? Are pictures from mag scans allowed here?

To answer your question...


Advertisement: This forum is not to be used to advertise or distribute products, services or copyrighted material. Please do not post scans of magazine articles about our games

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Gamestar also mentioned that DS3 is to 60% complete.


So I guess this is a summer/fall release.

Away from Witcher 2, Dragon Age 2, Torchlight 2 and every MMO to be released. If it gets released mid-summer, it would be great timing for the game, I think. A lot of games benefit from such release dates.

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Today i finally got CD-ACTION.


A few facts I didn't saw here.


-Previewer is super-excited, after playing the demo he can't wait to play more of the game. (He was pessimistic before he saw it in action)

-The only bug in 3 hour-long alfa build was one small blinking texture. The animations are smooth, the engine is beautiful.

-There was only one playable character for the demo, there are more however - with different starting locations and different prologues.


A little bit unrelated to DS3, but:

- There are three teams at Obsidian at the moment:

The 1st. is making Dungeon Siege

2nd is working on Fallout:NV addons

and finally the 3rd is super secret, the author writes that Chris Avellone is working on it.

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