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More like Obsidian's previous games or more like Diablo ?

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Thank you comrade, but that's what spartan phalanxes are for.


Ohh, you never let me do the cool things. :shifty:


As for the entire thread: I, for one, am extremly hyped for the system. :woot: Sounds awesome and is something I always wanted. Too Human kinda attempted this but it had its fair share of problems.

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It's unique, it has it's own style. But I don't like the inventory though :shifty:.


Was the inventory shown? Were you at the gc? Do you have a picture?


Can you explain the inventory?


Yup, I saw it at the gamescom. I don't know if im allowed to talk about it, if I am, I will gladly tell you about it, and maybe even make a sketch of it. I dont have pictures, we weren't allowed to take pics, but I do have a nice inflatable sword with the DS3 logo on it, and a Fallout: New Vegas shirt :p.


Did you sign an NDA? If not, you're allowed to talk about anything you want!


I'm the one that's not supposed to talk about anything! :woot:

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We at Obsidian attempt to use smiley's in as many places as possible. :) :) You should see our design documents. :)

I'm sure the paper napkins have all kinds of doodles on them.


That's funcroc scribbling them, though.

Every dev reading this suddenly realizes what the "I can see yoouuu allll" graffiti mean that inexplicably appear on office walls now and then.
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