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You should've left ancient out, but np otherwise. :p


Technically you don't destroy ANY corporation ("just" their CEO for the time beeing though you can damage the coorporation so that it goes under in the future). Even AP more or less cans itself. Well, Parker does after you run free. And AP isn't really "evil" in the first place since it's more or less used by Leland thanks to goverment contacts.


Also you can join terrorists, take over the corporation, join the CEO.



AP is more or less. Starting Location - 3 Hubs - Endlocation in enemy base.


And that's more structure than story.


...you realized I was joking right? :ermm:


Yup :thumbsup:


When has this even begun again? Did NWN start it or a game before?

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Actually sounds like KoTOR II. Guardian was the basic soldier class, then there were the basic scout\rogue and wizard\caster classes. Depending whether you went Sith\Jedi (goodi\evil (maybe)) you got access to another set of enhanced classes. Actually didn't BioWare's Mass Effect have six classes? They were the ones to create the first KoTOR so some influence is quite possible.


"The demonstration we were shown used the Xbox 360, showcasing the Guardian class, one of six unique playable classes that will all have different styles, different moves and abilities and slightly different stories. Sounds a bit like a certain BioWare RPG involving origin stories and dragons? "


Seriously wtf? Dragon Age invented unique classes? :D

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No problem, hopefully in a couple of days.. There's only one place that sells it and they get all their gaming mags from other countries on Thursdays.


No pressure there, jokes aside, I was asking you in the hypothetical case that you were going to get it, obviously you have no obligation to do so. :lol:

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I know :sorcerer:


I buy issues of this mag when there are enough interesting games. This issues is hard to pass up on.



Arc Rise Fantasia

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Sports Champions




Epic Mickey

Street Fighter X Tekken

The 3rd Birthday

Dragon Age II

From Dust

Dungeon Siege III


The Last Story

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning


Many interesting previews.

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