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Please make this game MODDABLE

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This is the perfect Obsidian game to do this for. You're using your own engine, so you get to code the tools and stuff yourself. The game has lots of facets to work with (levels, items, classes, NPCs, monsters, etc). And finally modding adds significantly to the lifetime and reception of your product. It allows fans to mould the game to their liking, patching out what would otherwise annoy them, helping word of mouth, etc. And it allows players to come back to your games years latter to try out the latest improvements or unofficial expansions - which is always a good thing, because the longer people play your game, the more copies it will sell.


So come on, help us help you Obsid! Even if you just make everything soft coded in easy to decipher and read file formats (like the Infinity Engine games largely did) - that'll be enough for the hardcore modders to build and release tools around.

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If that's in the cards, it would have to have been since the beginning of development - I seem to recall MCA saying how difficult it was to get out end-user tools for NWN2.


Yet they're doing it again with New Vegas (yeah, it's not officially confirmed, but they've outright said more than once that the game will be moddable.. so.. yeah), so who knows? I certainly hope that the game is moddable, assuming they've the resources to pull a good toolset without dropping the ball in other areas of the game (the game is multiplayer too after all, and, according to the PR announcement, has C&C ... not an easy task if you ask me :lol: ).

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I think its just conjecture at this point (and I imagine F:NV is moddable because F3 was and its using basically all the same game engine stuff*)


I want to say that there were references with the Alien RPG was canceled that the proprietary engine they created was going to be used for their another project, but I haven't seen anything indicating that's actually the case here yet (unless I missed something**)























*highly technical term


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I remember reading a developer saying they were doing this with Onyx (before it was announced) but that may have been my imagination.

Seems logical though, considering they now have the engine, working on DS old tech wouldn't really cut it, and there's no really need to license tech that they're not expert at using.

Also, Josh Sawyer and co. occasionally remarked with things like 'probably modders will make the game even harder', 'mods will work the same way', so.. well.. if they're not releasing a new GECK version and are really just toying with us, they're cruel. :biggrin:

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