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Oh, the tale of crappy publishers


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Seriously, who else can Obsidian turn to? Sega shafted them, Activision is the new evil, Atari is dying, Take Two is a decent possibility, so is EA and Bethesda(and we'll learn more about this pairing next year)


Let's hypothesize that Sega drops AP and then Obsidian has to go and find a new publisher to pick them up and allow them to finally release the poor thing, what happens?

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AP belongs to SEGA, it's up to them to do as they please.


Had that been confirmed? Because last I heard no-one was sure that was the case.


Bethesda would probably be a pretty good partner...



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Though I most sincerely appreciate the care that so many have for OBS, I also need to remind people to please not try to slag/flame/troll those with whom OBS has a professional relationship. Please try to keep comments constructive and not abusive - that way I can just be green, scaly and lazy!

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AP belongs to SEGA, it's up to them to do as they please.


Had that been confirmed? Because last I hear no-one was sure that was the case.

That's what I recall, can't give you a link though. Sega paid for it in any case.

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AP is SEGA's property. Feargus explicitly said so:


In a world where games often materialize in other media, I'm interested when developers try to own IPs themselves. So, is that the case with Alpha Protocol?


FU: Oh no, it's Sega's property. We've created it, but it's their property.



The whole interview is worth reading. Feargus discussed a lot about pros and cons of being independent and developer-publisher relationship. And how he thought Obsidian as a contractor working for publishers.

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Not much publishers to be named unfortunately. Not a Bethesda fan myself.


I suppose Valve is the only one I could think out of my head as an alternative to SEGA.


If Valve is to be involved, they probably will buy Obsidian and release AP as an internal product, like what they did with Portal and Left 4 Dead. Otherwise given how non-Steam versions of their own products are published by EA, I just don't see Valve publishing AP unless AP is going Steam-only.


IMHO, EA and Beth won't touch AP. Two Bioware titles are coming out almost on top of each other, there's little sense in EA publishing another directly competing product. As for Beth, WET has got pretty mediocre reviews and I don't think they want to be seen as a publisher surviving on big boys' thrown-aways.


Anyway, I just don't buy the notion Sega dropping AP at this stage of development.

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Bethesda Softworks are a publisher (which is basically Zenimax).


Bethesda Game Studios is the dev house.


Bethesda Softworks the publisher isn't 'basically Zenimax', they're two different organizations with different management. After the id acquisition, John Carmack reports to Zenimax CEO Robert Altman, he doesn't report to Bethesda President Vlatko Andonov. On the other hand, when Splash Damage was considering partner with Bethesda on Brink, Paul Wedgwood went to talk with Andonov, not Altman.


I think a lot of people have got into the mindset that the publisher must sit on top of the corporate structure but ultimately publishing is only one aspect of the video game business. ZeniMax had made a conscious decision to adopt this rather unique model with its publishing arm on the same corporate level as many of its development studios, all despite Bethesda's brand recognition.


Of course, the line is still somewhat blurry given ZeniMax's history and the fact ZeniMax and Bethesda operate from the same office building. But the distinction is there, it's already big after the establishment of ZeniMax Online and the id Software acquisition, and will only grow bigger as ZeniMax expands.


Technically they do, as they're Bethsoft's parent company.


Sure, and technically VG Holdings developed Mass Effect and Hasbro designed D&D 4E. But that's not the most informative way of speaking. :)

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