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How is the LOTR Online?


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That comic is from some lame EA LotR game, you can swim in LotR Online.



There are actually a few LotR Online folks here, including a developer or two. First off, it is an MMO, so if you've hated every MMO you've ever played, this probably won't convert you. However, it is a very well polished MMO, and it does a fantastic job recreating Middle Earth and involving you in an epic storyline. The quests are the real draw for me, they are layered and interesting. The book quests really made me feel involved, like I am taking part in something much larger.


The classes are all solid, most of the melee classes have some type of combo system that I find rewarding and isn't just mindless button mashing. It's also quite beautiful, traveling through Moria and the huge stone hallways, or wandering around the shire, there are quite a few visual treats.

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So, it turned out that the two files I was re-downloading were corrupted as well. Of course that wasn't obvious at the beginning, so I started installing the client, and after an half hour or so, it said client_anim.dat is corrupted.


"I have had about enough of this nonsense now!" I thought. I was about to give up and just accept that I threw 15

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It's $10 p/mo. if you can get a founder referral or sign up for a 3 mo. sub($29.99).


I highly recommend it. I've been playing MMO's since 1998 and this is probably the best one I've played. I would not recommend it to anyone who is big on PvP. While it does offer some form of PvP in Monster play, its not all that great. This game is all about the PvE and doing book quests plus it has a pretty good crafting system.

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