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Looking for a photo


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So I'm doing something, and I need a photo.


I remember that it was very famous, in fact 'iconic'. It was a frontal, full-body shot of a soldier, possibly American, holding a dead, naked black child in his arms.


My memory keeps saying "no it was an ASTRONAUT not a soldier", but who knows why the hell it's doing that.


It's not much, but it was just that famous, the simple, 'understated' photograph of holding that limp dead child in his arms.


So... anyone?

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Would help if you knew what general period it was from.

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The horrible thing is that this rings a bell. I will try to see if I can't find something.

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I'm pretty sure it's Vietnam or post-Vietnam. It wasn't one of those old b&w photos and the soldier uniform, I am pretty sure, is the modern 'guerilla' green stuff.


Zero degree frontal view, head to toe of a soldier. Soldier's not looking down crying at the dead child or anything like that, just looks straight ahead. That was what made it so powerful.


Trying to think of more details but...

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Oh my god, thanks for the link - the technology articles are pure gold considering that they call themselves "IT-professionals."



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"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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Oh my god, thanks for the link - the technology articles are pure gold considering that they call themselves "IT-professionals."

Congratulations. You just won the most off-topic post of the week.

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Yeah, it's a joke site.


Back on topic, I can imagine such a picture, but I'm damned if I've actually seen one. Sorry I can't help. In fact, since I am often hunting for military photos I'm surprised I don't know this one.

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Yeah, it was really famous (a Pullitzer even? though I might be confusing that with the naked Vietnamese child one), but grah. I've sifted through hundreds of disgusting pics and I still can't find it. I just know a lot more about what human bodies look partially blown up, now.

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