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The Battlestar Galactica Thread


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That was unexpected.

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I'd say all bets are off now.

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I like that the secret meeting took place in "Weapons Locker 1701D" - an obvious little nod to Ron Moore's Trek days on TNG ;)


So... Who is the last cylon? :shifty:

You have got one heck of an eye for detail! I'd have never noticed that.

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Ron Moore already said it isn't Roslin.


And so what, it's a Cylon-Cylon baby? If Cylons can have human-Cylon babies, they very likely can have Cylon-Cylon babies, especially since the final five are "fundamentally different".


All we have so far is the fact that the first Seven can't use stolen ova for some reason which they concluded was "lack of love" or some rubbish. Yeah right.


It's obviously not the mitochondria which are gained from humans, since Hera's mother is a Cylon.

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My bets: Baltar's hand-maiden, Cally, Zarek, Gaeta, Lampkin, Doc Coddle.


It's definitely not Adama or Roslin though. Heh in the contract for the actor for Adama's character it says "Not a cylon."


Roslin's just a plain dangerous bitch.


Possibility: the five deliberately went undercover as humans, and left the final cylon as their keeper to activate them. Maybe it was Lampkin? He certainly popped up at the right time, he spouted wisdom, he was enigmatic and sort of charming, he's alive in the fleet but relatively on the side-lines... let me check if he shows up again. He does. Episode 9 and then again at least once in the final 10 eps of the series. We'll have to see if it's as a cameo or as a Cylon.




Come on doesn't that just scream 'Cylon'? He's awesome. And if Tigh can be one, so can he. :(

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My money is on Roslin.

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My money is on Roslin.


I doubt that. While Roslin does indeed share some dreams with the known cylons of Galactica (Athena and Six), that has probably more to do with the cylon blood she has in her system after Baltar gave her a transfusion to save her from dying of cancer.


Still, there was a clue back in season 3's "A Measure of Salvation", I think. Assuming the Final Five can become sick from the disease that infected the other cylons of that dying basestar, the last cylon cannot be Apollo, Helo, Adama, or Roslin, because they all met with an infected Simon/Number Four and would have been exposed to the disease.


We could argue that the Final Five are not subject to the disease, but note that none of the known Final Five - Tyrol, Tigh, Tory or Anders - were ever in the same room as an infected cylon. That looks like a pretty big coincidence to me. Of course, Starback also did not meet with an infected cylon, and if she is a cylon, then it can naturally explain her apparent resurrection.


Then again, maybe making Starbuck a cylon is too obvious given how season 3 ended. I have a feeling Ron Moore is aiming to give the identity of the last cylon as much shock value as he can get away with... and then some o:)

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I've noticed that all known Cylons have so far been the right hand of a major character except perhaps for a few exceptions.


Anders - Starbuck

Tori - Roslin

Tigh - Adm Adama

Six - Baltar

Boomer/Athena - Tyrol/Helo

Leoben - Starbuck

Doral - None

Deanna - Baltar

Cavil - Ellen?

Simon - None

Tyrol - Cally/Nicky


With that in mind, it would make Billy(-Roslin) a possible Cylon and also Romo Lampkin(-Lee Adama)



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